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$18.99 CAD / Month for World of Warcraft Classic? Hard Pass

Given that there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of “buy to play” games for $60 or less, and countless “free to play” games, it makes no sense whatsoever to pay ~$200 CAD every year to play a 14 year old version of World of Warcraft.

When I read that Blizzard was set to begin hosting the original version of WoW this summer, I was mildly interested. Personally, I started playing WoW near the end of the Burning Crusade expansion and I have only ever dabbled here and there with the original version on private servers, so I can’t say that I am emotionally invested in World of Warcraft Classic. Furthermore, I haven’t subscribed to WoW in something like 9 years, because the game was changed into something I no longer enjoyed, nor I have played on a private server since… 2014?? Heck, I haven’t even had my single player Wrath of the Lich King era server emulator setup in at least two years, so I guess you could say I am “over” WoW (and Blizzard as a company to be frank). However, I figured I would give WoW Classic a whirl if the price was right.

Turns out, the price is wrong: The only way to play World of Warcraft Classic is by maintaining a subscription to the current version of the game.

I have no interest in playing the current version of the game and the 14 year of version of WoW isn’t worth paying $18.99 CAD / month, so the concept of World of Warcraft Classic is dead on the vine. What would I have been willing to pay for WoW Classic? I suppose I’d be fine with a one time purchase of $39.99 CAD.

I suspect Activision-Blizzard is hoping they will see a significant increase in subscribers, but I think it is more likely that the target audience, former players such as myself, just don’t give a fuck and will be quite content to pass on WoW Classic. It seems like an astonishing lack of insight on their part. I mean, there’s “cashing in on nostalgia” with impulse-buy priced mini-retro consoles, ads/shows featuring old pop culture references, and other such opportunism, but expecting people to maintain a full price subscription for a 14 year old game in today’s saturated gaming market is just plain stupid.