Staying with after all!

For all the things I said in this post about GitHub Pages being easy to use and so on, the reality is that what has here is more functional and handy for my purposes. I can add posts and images easily from my Linux or Windows desktops, from my Chromebook, and even from the app on my phone. The same cannot be said about GitHub Pages, which I pretty much have to update using my desktop; It’s a bit of a pain in the rear, so much so that I haven’t posted anything in months.

This said, I am not going to be paying for the “no ads” plan again, because it’s way too expensive for what we low-traffic bloggers get for the money…

Far as what posts are to come, having just spent the past couple months doing some volunteer programming for some old friends on their SWGEmu based server, there are a few nuggets of interest I can share with the general SWGEmu modding crowd, as well as a few other topics I have been mulling over… Did you know that Stardew Valley is a super fun game? I picked it up last Christmas for the kids and ended up playing more than they have lol… I’ve also decided to play No Man’s Sky, because it looks to be a nifty mix of scifi shooty-shooty-pew-pew and treasure-hunty-craft-craft, which are essentially why I liked Star Wars Galaxies so much (and why most of my time in Guild Wars 2 is spent running around collecting stuff…). I’m also pretty proud of the mods I made to my rain barrel last week, finally bringing to life a tangled and cobwebby dream!

As always, I make no promises as to the frequency, regularity, and usefulness of my posts, but at least there will be more than none. 🙂 Now 57% More Expensive! Personal has skyrocketed in price from $35.88 to $48.00 plus an additional $15 for the domain name that is no longer included. So $63 annually for what was $35.88 just a couple months ago. All prices in Canadian dollars.

Yeah, I’m out. Too rich for my blood.

Allow me to also take this opportunity to complain about the forced change to the incredible pile of shit WordPress calls their Gutenberg Editor that is coming down the pipe from That thing is an abomination, yet according to the replies I have received from the staff, it will indeed be forced upon all subscribers in the near future. Given that I do this whole website thing for the joy of doing so, it stands to reason that I shouldn’t completely hate the act of editing it. As such, I was already considering moving to another hosting. If you think I am over-reacting to this editor, by all means read the reviews for it. You will find that I am not alone!

Anyway, I’m going to pack it up and call it quits with this whole website thing. I can’t justify the expense and I can tell from the stats that very few people read the site anyway. My Personal subscription ends on June 23rd, 2019 and the domain name ends October 17th, 2019. I’ll delete the blog in June to prevent it from showing ads and I’ll redirect the domain name to my GitHub page until domain name expires. After that, my content will exist only on GitHub, Google Drive, and YouTube.

Ah well, one less thing to think about.

The Power of… No Ads!

So a few years ago when I stopped hosting my website on a virtual server and moved it to this blog, I wrote an email with some feedback about their packages and plans. At the time, there just wasn’t any value in their offerings for someone like me. Why would I spend $20 USD just to remove ads on a blog when I could spend $35 USD for a whole web sever VM that could host almost anything, including a blog that uses the WordPress software. They were nice enough to reply and thank me for my feedback. And now, years later it seems they may have taken my feedback to heart, as their new Personal Plan is pretty close to what I suggested. plans, showing discounted upgrades for Personal Plan subscribers.

Consequently, I have rewarded them (and you!) by subscribing to their Personal Plan!

Basically, all I really need on this site is the following:

  • The convenient online tools for managing and creating posts/pages.
  • A modest amount of storage for media files.
  • No advertisements.
  • A custom domain name.

And that just so happens to be everything that is now included in their new Personal Plan and it also happens to be pretty much exactly what I suggested they could do for a personal plan. Cool. It sure beats the options that they used to offer, because for $45 CAD (at today’s exchange rate) it’s only $20 more than what I was paying previously for my .ca domain name alone.

I haven’t decided if I am going to make a new domain name for the site or if I am going to keep beating my head against the wall to rescue from the evil overlords at that company who shall no longer be named. I may just go with and be done with it. You know, something short and cool like that. But, that’s for another day.

So, enjoy an ad free experience here on my blog, thanks entirely to me and my $45! 🙂

– Rob.

Ps. I actually don’t have a problem with tasteful advertising that is a genuine benefit to both the client and the consumer. Much of my life has been paid for with the advertising dollars that paid my mom’s wages in her decades of work at the Pacific Press (now the Post Media Network). Similarly, my best friend’s mom ran a small news paper until she retired and I was lucky enough to go there and experience first hand the effort that goes into matching the client’s needs with the readership, the timing, the placement, the message, the graphics, and so on. It’s a lot of genuine work and when it’s done properly it also genuinely benefits both the client and the consumer. However, there so much garbage “advertising” on the Internet that is just plain abusive, to both the clients and the consumers. From banners ads that have absolutely no product information whatsoever (yet you can bet your ass that the client paid good money for it nonetheless) to video ads that chew away at people’s increasingly data-capped network connections, the state of online advertising is a very sad, sad story for everyone involved (aside from those who are getting rich by abusing the system, of course). Anyhow, I digress (or as my kids would say, ” *facepalm* … Daddy!”).