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Semi-Nerdly is Moving to GitHub Pages

Semi-Nerdly: Now at https://tatwi.github.io/semi-nerdly/

For me, this move makes sense for a lot of reasons. The big one being that the workflow and tools I use for creating web pages on GitHub Pages is exactly the same as how I have documented my GitHub projects since 2014. That being, essentially,

1. Open the Geany editor.
2. Write some stuff, using Markdown for formatting.
3. Use Git on the command line to push the content to the GitHub repo.
4. Rejoice!

The only real issue is that GitHub limits repositories to 1GB of storage, which means I won’t be able to host many images in my tutorials/guides/etc. However, I will make up for that by sticking image galleries in my Google Drive if need be.Objectively, the most important things I write about here have to do with my projects on GitHub anyway and despite being pretty excellent at documenting my projects when compared to many open source creators, I do need to dedicate more time to documenting RocketTux, Rescue Girlies, and Legend of Hondo. Yes, I am sure some WordPress.com readers enjoy see pictures of me digging gross stuff out of old keyboards and how the keyboards look after I’ve cleaned them, but I am sure I’ll still feel strangely compelled to make posts like that on GitHub pages too.

Honestly folks, hardly anyone ever reads this site anyway, according to the stats on the WordPress.com dashboard. The most popular post, by far, has been my Verbose Guide to Creating a SWGEmu Server, which is sadly now quite outdated. I considered making an up to date version of that post, but really the ZonamaDev system is perfectly fine if you don’t mind using SystemD (bleh…) and I posted a copy of my Legend of Hondo virtual machine on my Google Drive, so there’s nothing really to setup to use it. Apart from that, the only other truly notable post I have made on WordPress.com was my rant about the French Canadian keyboard (ISO layout) which has been surprisingly popular. I have also noticed more online sales descriptions of laptops specifying the keyboard type, so who knows, maybe the post struck a chord with some folks of influence in the industry. Let me tell ya, using a keyboard that is different from what you were trained on is a serious impediment to productivity! I digress… 🙂 Anyway, as far as I can tell GitHub Pages doesn’t have any metrics, so that’s one less thing to ponder in the cricket chirping quiet of humid summer nights!

So here’s the plan:

I will keep this tatwi.wordpress.com blog alive and let it go back into ad-showing free-mode this summer, changing the main page to indicate that new activity is happening on GitHub pages. I’m really sorry about this and allow me to apologize in advance for the inappropriate ads that Google Analytics will inevitably display here (Ad-Block you say? Why yes, the Internet sure has become utterly insufferable without it, eh? Sigh…). After I have setup the main page and I am satisfied with the amount of content I have brought over to GitHub pages, I will redirect the semi-nerdly.ca domain name to the GitHub Pages site and I will keep paying for the domain name through one registrar or another.

Well, that’s it for now. I did make a post today over on the new site about Making a Button with GIMP if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

Take care!