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Bored? Make a Board Game!

Entertaining one’s children all summer on a shoe string budget can be daunting, especially when one lives in a place that doesn’t have any public transit. Escape to greener pastures isn’t always possible, but there’s plenty we can do right here in our house/yard. One such thing is making a new board game to play!

Yes, there are plenty of existing games we could play, but there’s just something magical about making one’s own game. I remember making board games and the like as a kid, usually trying in vain to convince peers to play them, but having great fun with the process none the less. Anyhow, this is the second or third board game I have made with the girls (admittedly I designed this one on my own last night while I was laying in bed not sleeping…).

We came up with the name “Deck or Die” tonight, because the game is played with a partial deck of cards and one die. I created a page for the game on my site, which you can view by using the link in the “My Games” menu or by clicking the link below. All the details on how to make a board and play the game are there.


It’s a pretty fun game that can accommodate about five players. Let us know if you make your own game board and enjoy it!

Final version of the Deck or Die © prototype.