Star Wars Galaxies

Star Wars Galaxies… it was a good game for its time and it’s time ain’t over yet!
Thanks to many dedicated fans over at SWGEmu, the original version of Star Wars Galaxies, affectionately called “pre-cu”, lives on through emulation. In 2004 Sony Online Entertainment and Lucas Arts changed the game with the Combat Upgrade, hence the original version being referred to as pre-cu. Later in 2011, the game was shut down entirely, making way for Star Wars the Old Republic.

In the past, I took part in some programming for the Tarkin SWGEmu server when it was around, the repo for which you can find on Github here. Other related files and older versions of server/client mods that I have created can be downloaded from my Mega storage.

From 2014 to 2016, I worked on a SWGEmu server / SWG client mod that I called Legend of Hondo. It was a personal project to create a pirate themed, single player, Star Wars experience using the SWGEmu server and the Star Wars Galaxies game client. I was creating it entirely for something to do, because I wanted to, for my own enjoyment. I shared it on GitHub as a modification reference for other folks who are hosting SWGEmu servers. I never really expect anyone else to download and play Legend of Hondo, but anything is possible! ๐Ÿ™‚

I started working on the project in 2014 and I have restarted a couple of times since, for various reasons. I have renamed the previous version (2015-2016) Legend of Hondo Classic and have retired it. The current version is now the last version of Legend of Hondo there will ever be and with that in mind…

Due to the manner in which the SWGEmu project is managed, I have decided it’s a better use of my time to lock the version of SWGEmu and their Public Engine that Legend of Hondo is based on; It’s just not worth my time to constantly revisit content that I have already completed to make it compatible with newer versions of SWGEmu and/or Public Engine. Here are the final commits I have taken from their repos that everything I make from here on in will be compatible with:

Commit e46141674fc7d0f987dc4c58be19daaebb1a8d34
Date: Thu Oct 6 04:01:28 2016

Public Engine
Commit 6ce011c3b0075f6918a0fd8f46b992568e1ae471
Date: Fri Sep 30 19:11:00 2016 -0400

If you encounter issues using Legend of Hondo mods on your own server, it’s up to you to uncover the root cause and solve the compatibility issues. May the Force be with you!

Project Status: Dead in 2017

Even after going through the long process of creating some helpful world building tools, working with the SWGEmu server code and the SWG client modding tools is just… not fun. It’s convoluted, tedious, and far too time consuming for what it is. Add in the reality that ultimately no one is ever going to play it anyway (including myself, because I’m just not interested in playing SWG in general), it just doesn’t make sense to keep working on the project. I can spend less time doing more and achieving more with better tools, so that’s what I am doing.

Legend of Hondo and SWGEmu Mod Posts

  • Mos Espa Tour – My Hondo Housing System Layout (7/30/2017) - A couple weeks ago I took some time to build my modded layout for Mos Espa. Given how difficult LoH is to setup, I figured I would make a simple video tour to show off what can be done with my admin tools and the Hondo Housing System. The decorations are a little sparse (because […]
  • Legend of Hondo is Playable Solo Again (7/18/2017) - I took a bit of break from working on RocketTux to bring to Legend of Hondo back to a point where it was playable as a solo experience again. When I started LoH, before the project even had a name, that was really the whole point of the excerise, to make a SWG based … […]
  • Hondo – A Copy of my Development Server Virtual Machine (12/22/2016) - To make it a little bit easier for folks to play around with Legend of Hondo (particularly the admin tools that are handy for general SWGEmu “world building”), I’ve uploaded a copy of my VirtualBox VM to my MEGA storage. You can find it here, LoH_Public_Server_Dec_2016.7z. It’s exactly what I use for developing Legend of […]
  • Hondo: A Pirate System in the Making (12/11/2016) - Taking a completed game and modding into something else entirely is usually referred to as a “total conversion mod”. A mod that turns a Battlefield into a Star Wars game is a total conversion. What I am doing with my Legend of Hondo mods for Star Wars Galaxies isn’t quite on the level of “total […]
  • Hondo – Meet the Hondo Housing System! (9/10/2016) - The Hondo Housing System is the result of my testing (over the last few months and at various other times over the years) various methods that allow players to live in NPC cities. There are so many ways to achieve this goal, each with their own positives and negatives. After much consideration, I chose to […]

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  • Legend of Hondo is Playable Solo Again (7/18/2017) - I took a bit of break from working on RocketTux to bring to Legend of Hondo back to a point where it was playable as a solo experience again. When I started LoH, before the project even had a name, that was really the whole point of the excerise, to make a SWG based … […]
  • Benchmarking My FX-8320 with Core3 and TrinityCore in VirtualBox (4/27/2017) - One of the biggest disappoints I have had when it comes to computers was buying an early version of the Intel Core2 Quad Q8200, because Intel disabled their hardware virtualization support (VT-d) on it, as part of their arbitrary and consumer-unfriendly pricing scheme. That was back in 2008 and at $185, it was the best […]
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  • BazaarBot – A System to Automatically Sell Items on the Bazaar in SWGEmu (10/27/2016) - I’ve been taking a little break from working on Legend of Hondo and other projects to help Kinshi and the good folks from the Tarkin community set up Tarkin 2.0 for their small role playing community. That’s nice of me and all, but truth be told, a lot of the stuff I am working on […]
  • SWGEmu – A Verbose Server Setup Guide (for Debian Linux) (10/1/2016) - I’ve seen a lot of people ask for a generic guide on how to setup a server and I’ve personally been asked many questions about the process over the years, so I decided that I would roll a server VM from scratch and document the entire process. Here is that document! This is an intentionally […]
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For nerdly reference, the server ran nicely on the following “frankenputer” I made from stuff I had around the house, until I had to use its RAM for another laptop… ๐Ÿ™‚

Operating System: Debian Wheezy 64Bit
Motherboard: Dell Inspiron 1501, with desktop heatsinks and no longer in the form of a laptop.
CPU: 1.8GHz AMD Turion64 x2
RAM: 2.5GB DDR2 (2GB and 512MB)
Hard Drive: Toshiba 5400RPM 80GB laptop drive
Memory usage at server idle: 1.2GB
Highest memory usage I have ever seen: 1.3GB!
Temperature at idle with stock heatpipe/fan: 54C
Temperature when compiling server software with stock heatpipe/fan: 75C!
Temperature at ide with custom heastink/fan: 28C
Temperature when compiling server software with custom heastink/fan: 28C!

Of course, it also runs really well in a VirtualBox virtual machine with 3GB of RAM and 3 CPU Cores, in my Windows 7 host. The hardware for this desktop is an AMD FX-8320 CPU, 8GB DDR3 RAM, and a Sandisk SSD (for faster load times!). I am able to run two server VMs (Development and Live-game), the game client, and Firefox without any speed issues, etc. So I would imagine that the game would probably play fine on any quad core AMD APU or an Intel i3, with two CPU cores and 2GB RAM allocated to the server VM, provided you have at least 4GB of RAM and are running Windows Vista/7/8/10 as the host. Incidentally, SWG runs perfectly fine in Windows XP if you happen to still like using XP.


Over the years, I have fielded many questions about how to make or mod a SWGEmu server and I think it’s time to add a helpful “frequently asked questions” section to this page. Some of the questions are ones people have asked, while others are just answers that I want to give.

Q: Are you or have you been a developer on SWGEmu or at SOE, etc.?
No. While I did submit a couple patches to SWGEmu, honestly it is extremely hard as a long time SWG fan and dreamer to work within the confines of the “if it wasn’t in patch 14.1, it’s not going into SWGEmu” mandate. It takes a special kind of motivation to be a SWGEmu dev and I just don’t have it.

Q: Should I use you Legend of Hondo server directly?
No, you should not. At least not until SWGEmu finishes their project and I update mine to based on their final code release. As of June 2016, Legend of Hondo’s is based on a snapshot of SWGEmu’s code from June 2015. Since that time the SWGEmu team has added more features and applied many fixes that are worth having. With this in mind, think of my LoH as a learning tool, something you can look at (and create patches from) to apply to your own project that is based off of the current SWGEmu code. Another thing to consider is that LoH is still subject to the forced crash after 2 hours of run time, where as the latest code from SWGEmu has finally removed that limitation.

Q: Do I need to know how to program to run a SWGEmu server?
Yes. You will need to learn how to handle Linux (installation, updating, shell scripting), VirtualBox or VMWare, C++, Lua, MYSQL, git, gcc, Eclipse or another IDE, meld, and have some general knowledge about networking, player support, QA testing procedures, and so on. If you plan on making mods, you will also need to know how to use, at the very least, Sytner’s IFF Editor for packing and unpacking TRE files. Fortunately for you, the Internet is chock full of good tutorials on all that stuff! ๐Ÿ™‚

Q: How do I make a SWGEmu server?
Register on the SWGEmu forum and visit this thread. Alternately, you can base your private server off of the “Mod the Galaxy” version, which is available here. These guides will help you get a server up and running.

Q: How do I share my server with my friends?
Well, you could purchase a server co-location and put a server right on the Internet, but that’s generally expensive and probably over-kill for the handful of concurrent users you’re likely to see. As such, I will point you to this guide on how to share your home internet connection for use with a SWGEmu server.


The main project that is programming a server that emulates the 2004 “pre-cu” version of the game. SWGEmu hosts a test server (Nova) as well as a play server (Basilisk), but all their servers will be reset/wiped when the project reaches feature completion.

Mod The Galaxy
Mod the Galaxy has been around for more than a decade, helping people create and share client side mods for SWG. They now are also trying very hard to be a compendium of information on how to use and modify SWGEmu based servers, in the hope that such knowledge will not otherwise be lost over time. If you happen to know a lot about modding SWG and have some time, please share your knowledge either on the MotG forum or on their Wiki. Thanks!

The main project that is programming a server that emulates the final, 2011 version of the game. This one is a larger work in progress that is not yet available for general play.

SWG Pets
A fantastic site that describes and has tools for the 2011 version of the Beast Master system.

The original site for resource tracking and crafting information. Their database covers all versions of the game.

Tatwi on Tatooine in 2009...

Tatwi on Tatooine in 2009…