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World Map

World Map

First Level

First Level


Level 4, with menu open. 






Now Available on Github!

I’ve personally tested compliation using Debian 7 “Wheezy”, Ubuntu 11.04+, Linux Mint 17, Slackware 14.1, and PCLinuxOS.2014.12, though I am sure it will compile easily with many other Linux Distributions as well. Comes with binaries compiled with Ubuntu 14.04.

Rescue Girlies is a fork of the SuperTux jump’n’run game. I made RG as a Christmas gift for my children. Run, jump and think your way through the campaign to save your loved ones. Make new friends, eat some cupcakes, and squish many badguys along the way!

3 Story Scenes (One long, two short).
9 Heavily Customized, RPG Side-Scroller Style, Story Based Levels.
21 Bonus Levels.
2 Hidden Levels.
Tons of Secrets.
Bajillions of Coins to Collect.
New Abilities, Enemies, Locations, and Stuff to Spend Your Coins On.
Custom graphics, effects, sounds, and voice overs.


Rescue Girlies has custom C++, scripting, and tilemaps, so the levels are not directly interchangable, at all. However, many Supertux levels will work with RG, as seen in the (somewhat modified versions of) bonus levels taken directly from Supertux.

The version you are playing is not entirely the same as the one my kids play, due to this version being GPL compliant. Differences between my private version and the GPL version:

– Music choices.
– Non-free ambient sounds and other sound effects.
– Pictures of my family were replaced with generic pictures.
– Voice and Graphical cameo apperances by celebrities my kids enjoy
were replaced (with my “voice acting” and “art”, sorry) or removed.

That’s it. While I do believe these things in the private version really give the game a sense of sole or heart, I did my best to convey the same feeling in the GPL version. Replacing the sounds proved to be far more difficult than I had imaged, which is why I was not able to release it at Christmas time.

– Nolok Takes More Power! –

The evil king, Nolok, captures the mother and father of a family and uses their rings of marriage power to finally capture his arch rival, Tux. The three daughters set off on a magical journey to reunite their family and rescue their captured hero.

Important documentation for Rescue Girlies / SuperTux is contained in multiple files.

– Game story, usage, rules and controls.

– The GNU General Public License, under whose terms Rescue Girlies is licensed. (Most of the data subdirectory is also licensed under CC-by-SA)

– Credits for people that contributed to the creation of Rescue Girlies and SuperTux. (You can view these in the game menu as well.)

– documentation that came with the 0.3.3 SVN verison of Supertux that Rescue Girlies is based upon.

– Customized plain text copies of the Supertux wiki that I made based upon my time working with the game engine and editor.

Running the Game

NOTE: This game was designed to be run in an 800×600 window. Resizing the the window or playing full screen is possible, but it WILL ruin the looks of the three story cut scenes. I did this, because my kids only play at that resolution and this game was made for them. 🙂

System Requirements:
GNU/Linux 32bit or 64bit Distribution
OpenGL compliant Accelerated Graphics Processor (Nvidia / AMD-Ati / Intel)

Linux Mint 17, Debian 7 (Wheezy), Ubuntu 14.04.
CPU: Intel Core2 Quad / AMD Phenom II X4 or better
VIDEO: Nvidia GeForce 8600GT / AMD Radeon HD5670 or better

Ubuntu 11.04 (oldest OS I have tested)
CPU: 1.8GHz Dual Core AMD or Intel
Video: Nvidia GeForce 6200 / AMD Radeon HD2000 / Intel HD Graphics 4000 (Ivy Bridge)

Rescue Girlies is based upon the 0.3.3 SVN version of Supertux, which uses cmake/make.


Configuring and Compiling
Note:  I did not try compiling RG for Windows at all, so I have no idea if it will work.

gcc compiler & co (gcc, g++, binutils, glibc)
SDL (*)
SDL-image (*)
PhysFS (*)
Ogg/Vorbis (*)
OpenGL (*)
OpenAL (*)
libcurl (*) (optional)
libboost (*) (SVN only)
libglew (*) (SVN only)

Installed with Supertux package on Debian:

You should make sure that you also have development headers and libraries installed for the tools marked with (*). Most distributions offer separate developer versions for these libraries.

Getting the Dependencies

Debian users should run apt-get install subversion autoconf automake jam g++ apt-get install libsdl1.2-dev libsdl-image1.2-dev libphysfs-dev libvorbis-dev libogg-dev libopenal-dev libcurl3-dev

Ubuntu / Linux Mint users have it easy, just type the following to get all you need: apt-get build-dep supertux

Gentoo users should run emerge -avn subversion ftjam media-libs/openal physfs libsdl sdl-image libvorbis libogg curl

For Fedora, use yum and don’t forget the development packages! yum install jam SDL SDL-devel SDL_image SDL_image-devel physfs physfs-devel openal openal-devel (assuming gcc, gettext and autoconf are already installed)

Compiling the Software

Rescue Girlies uses CMake to generate a set of Makefiles for the build process. To generate these Makefiles and build SuperTux, perform the following steps which are also described in INSTALL which comes in the source archive.

– `cd’ to the directory where you unpacked the SuperTux source archive, i.e. to the directory containing `src’ and `data’.
– Create an an empty directory called build and cd into it.
– Run cmake to create the Makefiles needed to build RG with debug options. If you are missing any libraries needed to build RG install those first, then try running CMake again.
– Type make to start the build process. TIP: Make is multithreaded and can compile faster on multiprocessor systems with make -j #, where # is the number of processors (or threads) in your system +1.

Playing the Game

Rescue Girlies / SuperTux makes use of proc to see where it is. In other words, it does not have any need to be installed and can be run from anywhere. This makes it possible to click the executable in your filemanager (i.e. Thunar, PCmanFM, Nautilus, etc.) as opposed to many other Linux games.

You should be able to simply extract the files and double click on either the 32bit or 64bit program to run the game. If nothing happens, try running it from a terminal and see what messages occur – you may need to install a graphics driver or a missing library.

I recommend creating an icon (such as ~/.local/share/applications/rescuegirlies.desktop)for the game and running it with the -d switch, which will conveniently reset the resolution/size to an 800×600 window. Like I said, the game was designed to be run in a window of that size. 🙂

rescuegirlies -d

Options and profiles are saved in ~/.rescuegirlies. They will need to be edited manually, unlike Supertux. I did this explicitely because my kids are ALWAYS messing up the options in Supertux through the in game menu (especially the language), so I removed them to avoid that possibility. Saved me some sanity, so it should save yours too, I hope… 🙂
Playing the Game


Both keyboards and joysticks/gamepads are supported. You can change the controls via the configuration file.

Actions and Abilities:

Run, duck, crawl (move while ducking), jump, backflip, pick up objects, duck and pick up an object in front and below you, throw objects (bombs and blocks), and butt-jump (land hard on boxes/enemies to break them).


Clothing Chest:
Change your outfit. Now you can backflip, butt-jump, and take 1 hit from an enemy without dying.

Cupcake Flower:
Throw cupcakes at the enemy to kill them. Same as fire flower in Supertux and Super Mario Bros.

Throw snow balls at enemies to freeze them. Can be unfrozen with cupcakes. While frozen, enemies are completely inert. Frozen bombs cannot be thrown, but can be carried, dropped, and stomped upon to make them explode.

Makes you invicible to enemies for a short time. However, some spikes will kill you anyway, else the game would be very, very boring.
The Esc key is used to access the menu. In the menu you are able to purchase any of the above Powerups by spending the coins you have collected. The menu can be navigated using the arrow keys or the mouse.

There is also a special surprise waiting to be discovered that you will use in two different levels. Well, that is if you didn’t already read about it on the Internet. 🙂

In the worldmap, the arrow keys are used to navigate and the Enter key is pressed to begin playing a level.

Do it if it makes you happy – this is an open source, single player game. See the config and profile files (noted above) for some pretty self explanitory details.

Development Status

Rescue Girlies was a “one off” game that was created for a single, one time purpose: To give to my children as a Christmas present in 2013.

After four and half months of effort, I was able to deliver a wicked awesome game, on time and feature complete. However, it wasn’t until very late in the development that I decided it would be nice to make it available to the public. As such, I am in the process of replacing all of the non-free content with stuff that is GPL or Creative Commons compliant. I will have this process completed before May, 2014.

Once I have released the public version, I will not be developing the game any further.

You can check out my C++ change log here if you are curious about the changes I made to Supertux. The source code is available here.
The End

Thank you for trying Rescue Girlies. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.


R. Bassett Jr.