Music & Sound

I Like Songs
What that really means is that I like sounds and that is something I can best articulate by way of an example: There are several songs by 2 Live Crew and Vanilla Ice that I really enjoy the over all sound of despite the (offensive/ridiculous) lyrics. As such, I don’t subscribe to a particular genre of music. If anything, I perhaps enjoy songs that sound similar. Also, nothing bugs me more than bridges/riffs that take a wicked awesome song and screw it up by betraying what makes the rest of the song so great…

I recently discovered that thanks to Google, I can now share a list of songs that I like, in the form of a Google Music Playlist. As time goes by, I will add more to the list – it’s a copy of my “Thumbs Up” playlist!

Some History
When I was a high school student I had the honor of being asked to be the “Sound Guy” for the school jazz choir. I guess that started when I was 16, because I was in guitar class and my dad was nice enough to get my a guitar for my birthday that year. Anyhow, I was never much of a musician, but I enjoyed working with the systems and the people. Originally I was accepted to a private recording arts school, but I was ultimately unable to attend due to, being poor basically. Since then I have done a lot of things in life, but an enjoyable and rewarding occupation has not been one of those things. Neither have I spent the time to learn the ins and outs of reading and writing music properly, but none of this has stopped me from having fun and enjoying life.

My Songs
Here (Google) or here (Mega) you will find most of the songs I have created over the years. I hesitate to refer to them as music, because I am sure any professional will likely balk at what I have created, but… meh, I try my best to take what I hear in my mind and recreate it using the tools at my disposal.

Presently my favorite song is one I called “Piano Thing WIP”, with WIP meaning “work in progress”. It’s based on something I would play on my friend’s piano shortly after my father died, back when I was 20. I made it using Sunvox and some of the sounds are rough around the edges, but each time I have attempted to refine it and “clean it up”, the result have been… missing something. Then when I go back and listen to the not so perfect sounding version, complete with its basic drum and bass, I’m like, “Yeah… that’s it.” So there it is, world, take it in its natural form I guess! “The Journey Home” is pretty good too. I used it for the final level in the GPL release of my Rescue Girlies game.

Anyhow folks, you can download, use, and share all my songs under the General Public License Version 3, noting the attributions below.

Sound Effects
I’ve made some and I used to have them hosted on my self-hosting, but I shut that down in 2014 to save some money. I’ll look into hosting them on a sound site to make them easier to find in their catalogs. In the mean time, you can poke through the sound files in my GitHub projects.

Thanks and Attributions

Many thanks to Jeffery Lim for creating Impulse Tracker, which essentially introduced me to the reality that I could “make music” on my (sister’s) computer back in the 1990s. Since then I have also had a fun time using Rebirth, Reason, Sunvox, MadTracker, and Audacity. And a very special thanks to Mandy, who was kind enough to replace the guitar my dad bought me when I had to sell it in some rough times – I still play it, often singing with my girlies and not using the computer. 😉


Some content contains sounds created by people or entities who require or would like credit:

Berklee recorded for Richard Boulanger – Creative Commons licenseSource

The above listed sources do not endorse and are not associated with any content created by R. Bassett Jr.; The above listed sources simply made their sounds available for public use.