Testing an early build…

RocketTux is an open source HTML/JavaScript based game that I have been developing for a while. The graphics are based on those used in SuperTux, but the game play is unique. As of November 2017, I have completed the systems for generating randomized levels, coin collection, power ups, and some enemies. So, it’s complete enough at this point to be a simple “collect all the coins” game.

I should have been working on it more, as I had planned to have it completed by February 2018, but I have been doing other things and I don’t think I will be able to hit that deadline now. At least not for a feature complete, polished game.

You can follow the development of RocketTux on Github and through my development notes and screenshots in my Google Drive.

Here is a video that demonstrates how to play the game…

RocketTux will be likely finished some time in 2018, at which point I will package it for easy use in Linux and Windows.

RocketTux is proud open source project, released under the General Public and Creative Commons licenses, that itself has been created using the following open source software:

Linux Mint, XFCE, Chromium, Firefox, Phaser, Pixi, Slick UI, Tiled, GIMP, Gene, Audacity, Blender, and artwork from SuperTux and Glitch.

Additional “closed source” free software: Sunvox

My sincere thanks go to the creators and maintainers of this software!