General Geekery

In the past, “General Geekery” was the title I gave to any post that was not specifically related to another subject that I covered on the site. However, over time this “catch all” subject has become just a tad messy, so I have decided to better define it.

General Geekery
Posts related to computer software and hardware technology that aren’t part of a series or topic covered elsewhere on the site. Random thoughts, chance encounters, and other bits of information.

  • Raspberry Pi Zero & Arduino UNO in an old DVD Player Chassis (9/9/2019) - Well, it’s not really at all like prototype kids electronics computer station thing I made a render of in Blender last year, but it’s kind of cool and definitely helps my desk stay uncluttered, which is nice. The keyboard is a particularly kick butt off-brand mechanical deal, with Cherry MX blue style switches and double-shot […]
  • New Keycaps for My Keyboard (11/29/2018) - About a year ago I bought a Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2016 from BestBuy to replace my Microsoft Comfort Curve 2000 keyboard that I had used for the better part of a decade. It took me a while to get used to it and I darn near returned it, because of the growing pains I was […]
  • Yay, Windows 10 doesn’t suck anymore! (11/5/2018) - “There’s always something that pisses me off!”, was the most common thing I would say about GNU/Linux in the decade between 1998 and 2008. So in that time I used Windows 98, 2000, XP, and 7 as my primary operating systems, because to be honest, they “just worked”. I appreciate that about Windows, I truly […]
  • Slumping Computer Sales: I Guess I’m Part of the Problem (10/24/2018) - Having a look at this sales chart on, it’s clear that computer sales have slid since I last upgraded my desktop PC back in 2013. The uptick in sales this year is probably due to AMD becoming competitive in the CPU industry again, as they have dramatically increased the number of cores/threads per dollar, […]
  • Let’s Talk About Home Computing Form Factors (10/22/2018) - When I say “form factors”, I’m talking about the general ergonomic thing we humans mash our meat mitts upon, as apposed to what the Wikipedia entry for the subject entails. In my estimation, there are ten form factors, each having their own benefits and drawbacks, but for the most part today’s computing world has really […]
  • Two Very Different Retro Compaq Keyboards (10/22/2018) - Sure, rubber dome keyboards aren’t as alluring as an IBM Model M with buckling springs or as hip as “mechanical keyboards” with fancy switches, but some of them can provide a nice typing experience none the less. Take for instance the Microsoft Comfort Curve 2000 that I used for the better part of a decade, […]
  • RocketTux – That Time I Made a Pear Into an Outhouse (8/12/2018) - Earlier this year I was working on the sprite sheet for RocketTux, adapting artwork from SuperTux and making new pieces of my own – A project that is still in motion! After finally sizing and arranging my spin on the pumpkin, one favourite pieces of background art created by Ingo Ruhnke, I decided that it […]
  • Bored? Make a Board Game! (8/7/2018) - Entertaining one’s children all summer on a shoe string budget can be daunting, especially when one lives in a place that doesn’t have any public transit. Escape to greener pastures isn’t always possible, but there’s plenty we can do right here in our house/yard. One such thing is making a new board game to play! […]
  • Building a House out of Dirt? Sounds Fun! (7/26/2018) - Notice: This is not an advertisement nor is it an endorsement; I’m simply sharing something my sister I did for the sake of doing so. I’m sure this is a familiar story. You know the old, “I saw a post on social media about a workshop for building a house of earthbags or something, which […]
  • Computer Science is for Crazy People (6/28/2018) - I’m a firm believer that it’s the computers, not the human beings, that should be doing the computing. However, due to the very nature of computers themselves, that’s often not the case. So when I say that I enjoy programming, this is what I mean… I grew up with Lego and Meccano sets. When I […]
  • Legend of Hondo is Dead! Long Live the Commodore 64! (5/29/2018) - Life is full of compromises and choices. Given that my time is not infinite, I have chosen to focus my “nerd hobby time” on working with a single computer, the Commodore 64. As a result, here is where my previous projects stand: RocketTux Side scroller web based game Will be finished in 2018-2019. Once finished, […]
  • From Cramped Hovel to Computing Command Centre! (5/6/2018) - We have a small house, an old house, a house in need of many repairs and upgrades. Consequently, it has been difficult to find a space in our home not only for my computer and electronics hobbies, but for where to put our kids and our seemingly endless supply of misc crap. In the past […]
  • Prototype: Programming and Electronics Computer for Kids (1/3/2018) - Or anyone with an imagination and a craving to tinker! I have spent a lot time researching computers from the 1970s to the 1990s, as well as looking into what is available in modern hardware for tinkering with electronics and programming. Somewhere in there I was inspired to build a mock up of this, What […]
  • The Last Jedi Was A Bad Movie (12/29/2017) - Please watch this video by Gareth Lewis, because we both feel the same way about The Last Jedi, a production that I refuse to call a Star Wars film. I would venture a guess that most Star Wars fans feel similar to Gareth and I, because the heart of the matter really is that this […]
  • Appreciating OS/2 Warp’s Contribution to My Life (12/11/2017) - For several years I used my OS/2 Warp Version 3 box to raise my monitor off my desk. The idea being, it would help me not slouch as much while using my computer. It did a good job at reducing pain in my back and my tailbone. Recently I upgraded my desk to include a […]
  • VIC-20: It’s Alive! (12/1/2017) - Ah, the things middle aged men do to recapture their youth. Some buy a sports car and date women half their age, while others buy old stuff and play with it… I, with my Commodore VIC-20, would be the latter. Don’t get me wrong, I would buy a Datsun 240Z in heartbeat (because it’s the […]
  • I Bought a Commodore VIC 20 for $20! (11/19/2017) - Over the past couple months I have been chatting with my friend, Kinshi, about his retro computing hobby and it got me into the spirit as well. The first computer I programmed on (in 1993 or so) was the Commodore 64 in our grade seven class room. While I was given a Commodore 64 around […]
  • Semi-Nerdly: Website Rebranding (11/19/2017) - After letting my (The Power of Text) domain lapse name and waiting until it hit the open market on November 12, 2017, I went to use it here on and discovered it was still locked into the previous provider. I contacted them and CIRA (Canadian Internet Registration Authority) and both entities stated that […]
  • HP Chromebook 14 G4 Review (11/2/2017) - Aug 2018 Update: DO NOT BUY THIS DEVICE! Google pulled support for Android apps and it won’t be getting the ability to run native Linux programs either. Buy a Windows laptop and dual boot Linux (or just use Windows), because it’s worth the slightly higher price tag for a fully functional computer. Don’t buy a […]
  • Downgraded My Graphics Card – Twin Fans Blow! (10/30/2017) - Update (2017.11.27): I reinstalled my R9 270 yesterday, because GTS450 was a little blurry and I had gotten used to how well 270 performed in Guild Wars 2. The fan noise is considerably and annoying, but whatever I guess… A few years ago now I bought a “refurbished” graphics card from for a good […]
  • Developing for ChromeOS/Android using a Chromebook (10/9/2017) - … is not something that is supported by Google, go figure. Heck, neither is using git, which is a bummer indeed! That said, there are ways one can use their Chromebook hardware to set up a development environment and work flow, by way of installing a Linux distribution or by using “cloud based” development environments. […]
  • $1299 Chromebook? Google, You’re Not Apple! (10/6/2017) - Colour me poor and dumbfounded, this Pixelbook device makes no sense to me! The other day Google announced its new (and only) Chromebook, the Pixelbook. It’s an ugly convertable ultra portable notebook that can be flipped around to be used as a tablet (in exactly the same manner as all the other similar devices that […]
  • You Don’t Need to Be Everything to Everyone (10/1/2017) - Lately I have been watching Chris Pirillo‘s videos on YouTube and some things he has been talking about, such as his feelings towards Apple, really struck a chord with me in regards to my feelings about “Blackberry” (formerly Research in Motion). This post started as a comment on Chris’ video, “Is Apple Doomed with Tim […]
  • Canopy/Wimax/LTE: Not “The” Solution to Rural Broadband (9/23/2017) - Twelve years. That’s how long we have lived in our nice little house, with a good sized yard, and truly insufficient internet service. We’re not even in a real rural setting – their’s a national chain grocery store roughly 300m from our house. Our home has always been serviced by cable television and wired telephone […]
  • Programming: The Importance of The Groove (9/12/2017) - Every good post starts with a deep breath and a long exhale, right? Most people have their own workflow and accomplish their goals at a pace that is right for them. That seems to be the natural way of things. Personally, I am the kind of worker who excels at stepping onto the highway and […]
  • Why I Program the Way I Do (6/25/2017) - I started a new project this year, RocketTux, with the intention of using it as a way to transition from making MMO emulator mods in C++/Lua and crazy stuff in Blender/Python, to facilitating the creation of my creative visions by way of HTML5/Javascript. “That’s overly wordy, isn’t it, Rob?”, you may say, but the truth […]
  • Benchmarking My FX-8320 with Core3 and TrinityCore in VirtualBox (4/27/2017) - One of the biggest disappoints I have had when it comes to computers was buying an early version of the Intel Core2 Quad Q8200, because Intel disabled their hardware virtualization support (VT-d) on it, as part of their arbitrary and consumer-unfriendly pricing scheme. That was back in 2008 and at $185, it was the best […]
  • Project Scope – Size Matters (3/31/2017) - Lately I have been thinking a lot about what I want to do with my “hobby time” and why I want to do it. There are lots of things I enjoy doing in life, but there is only so much time to do it all! It really is imperative that we have some kind of […]
  • Chromebooks – Their Functions Keys are Different and that’s OK! (3/25/2017) - I just realized that in all hullabaloo I made about the keyboard when talking about upgrading my laptop, I totally didn’t mention that Chromebooks replace the traditional function keys at the top of the keyboard with a row of … well, function keys. I also didn’t mention that I think the Chromebook function keys are […]
  • It’s Laptop Upgrade Time! HP Chromebook 14 G4 (2016) vs. Dell Inspiron 1501 (2006) (3/18/2017) - Back in 2007 my wife and I purchased a pair of Dell Inspiron 1501 laptops for $450 CAD each. They came with 1.8GHz single core AMD Sempron processors and 1GB of RAM, running Windows Vista Home Basic. Through the years I upgraded them to 1.8GHz dual core AMD Turion processors (for $13 total via ebay!) […]
  • A New Look and Feel for The Power of Text (3/9/2017) - Spring isn’t quite here yet, but ain’t no time like the present to update the website theme and shore up the organization of posts and pages! The new theme for The Power of Text (Newsworthy by WPThemes NZ) gets back to the basics while also offering a massive improvement to the mobile version of the […]
  • The Horrible Canadian Bilingual Keyboard Strikes Again! (2/24/2017) - Let me make this perfectly clear: I am Canadian. I was born in Canada. I have lived my whole life in Canada. I love our awesome “cultural mosaic” society. However, none that means I want to use some wacky bilingual keyboard on my laptop computer. I don’t, at all. Ever. Thank you. But here’s the […]
  • Touch Screen Digitizers – Why Don’t Reviewers Review Them? (8/28/2016) - As a person who used a Blackberry for many years and who absolutely loathed touch screens until recently, I have to say that I find it odd how often phone reviews don’t mention the digitizer at all. “What is a digitizer anyway?”, is a question many people might be thinking, given how little they are […]
  • The World (Still) Needs PCs (8/18/2016) - When someone writes or says something along the lines of, “the PC is dead”, what’s immediately obvious to me is that said person isn’t a content creator and they have confused low PC sales with the usefulness of PCs. That latter part about low PC sales is doom and gloom that is always “in the […]
  • Chromebook: Hmmm…. x86 or ARM CPU? (11/5/2015) - I’m just going to get this out of the way before I start going on about stuff that the majority of humanity couldn’t care less about… CPU doesn’t matter! Buy the Chromebook that you physically like the best. There ya go folks. You’re welcome. Now, if you’re interested in how I came to this conclusion, […]
  • Macbook? Chromebook? Notebook? What’s best for me? (10/28/2015) - If you’re anything like me, you’re sitting there reading this on a 2007 era notebook running a dual boot of Windows Vista and a Linux distro of some kind. Maybe the hinge is loose, perhaps you’ve already upgraded the CPU and RAM, and I am willing to bet that the battery in your old notebook […]
  • Blackberry OS Version Brings BB10 back to Awesome Status (8/11/2015) - As I posted a few months ago, I was not happy with the direction Blackberry was headed with their Blackberry 10 operating system as of version 10.3. Apart from the fact it was buggy as hell, a first in my personal experience with Blackberry, it also had many UI changes that made the end user […]
  • CPU Prices are Up Considerably in 2015 (8/6/2015) - Update: The Canadian dollar has really tanked in the past few years, falling from parity with the US dollar to being $0.70 USD. I am sure this does not help the situation, but it does not entirely explain the rise in computer prices. Geek that I am, I like to occasionally keep tabs on CPU, […]
  • CIRA Members Beware – Is Nothing But “Bullshit” (8/4/2015) - Seriously, I wish I never chose to do business with this company. It’s been nothing but “bullshit” at every turn. 1. They stole my domain name. Back in 2013 I transfered away from Netfirms to During the transfer, Gandi created some convoluted account bullshit that they call “handles” and proceeded to tie […]
  • Bye Bye Blackberry, Hello Android, I Think I’m Gonna Cry… (5/26/2015) - It’s been about a month now since I put down my Blackberry Q10 and started using a Motorola Moto E. This was a difficult change for me to make, so let me explain a little about why I chose Blackberry and what made me eventually leave it. Somewhere around five or six years ago I […]
  • Smartphones and the Blight of the Boring Rectangle (4/17/2015) - After not being impressed by the direction Blackberry (formerly Research in Motion) has taken with its 10.3 update to its Blackberry 10 operating system, I decided that it was time to take a longer look at what else is out there. What I found was an incredible lack of diversity in hardware designs across all […]