Top 5 Reasons I Pre-Ordered the Path of Fire Expansion

In honour of the fifth anniversary of the game, and with the new Path of Fire expansion being released later this month, and given how it is the only MMO I still play, I decided to make a five part series about Guild Wars 2. This is not sponsored content (nothing on this site is sponsored), it’s just something I made for the sake of doing so.

Thankfully second expansion to Guild Wars 2 looks to be getting back to the heart of what I liked about the game back when I decided to purchase it back in 2012. Here are the top five reasons I was excited enough about it to pre-order it.

1. More open world to explore.
My favourite places in Tyria are the open maps, where you can see and wander for miles. I have often found myself flitting from resource node to resource node, like a giant two legged hobo-bee, across a map just taking in the local character and accomplishing very little beyond enjoying myself. This, above all else, is why I like Guild Wars 2 – it’s a beautiful game and a nifty place to visit.

After watching the promo-videos for Path of Fire, reading about their design goals, and playing a little bit of the demo (too much demo/beta ruins the fun!), I was sold. The maps are huge, they’re full of “things to do”, and it appears that one can play them in a similar manner to the original maps. Having all of that extra world to explore is great, especially because it does not appear to be designed to only please the niche of gamers who enjoy gimmicky raid mechanics (as we saw with many of the Heart of Thorns maps).

2. Mounts!
In HoT we gained access to new movement abilities, with the most obvious and entertaining being the glider. In PoF we’re also getting new movement abilities, but these take the form of mounts rather than a glider and a set of skills. This makes me super happy, because… Mounts are awesome!!

I have asked for mounts in GW2 before out of the sheer joy of being able to use and collect them that I have experienced in Everquest II, World of Warcraft, and even Star Wars Galaxies (vehicles and pet mounts there). Sure, a movement speed boost is helpful too, but we already have many skills to increase our movement speed. Really, it’s all about having more of a connection to the world and thing that live in it; Mounts are like pets and… they’re fun!

It was also interesting that ArenaNet decided to add some new movement abilities to the player by way of using different mounts, in a manner similar to Everquest II’s leaping, gliding, and flying mounts. Hopefully it will be fun to “collect’em all”. 🙂

3. The price was fair.
Heart of Thorns was abusively expensive in Canada. With so much of the content being geared toward the tiny niche of players who enjoy raid mechanics, there was very little content for the average joe. However, even with all of the content, there was no way it was worth $70. As such, I didn’t bother buying it until it was heavily discounted more than a year after it was released.

Thankfully, ArenaNet has corrected this problem with the Path of Fire, releasing it as a USD price of just $30, which translated into roughly $40 CAD. That seemed fair to me.

4. No restrictions on content.
As a long time player of subscription based games, in an era before micro transactions were really “a thing”, I like having access to the whole game. Sure, there chances are high that there will be plenty of the game that I will mever use, but at least I could use it if I wanted to! It’s surprising how much of an infulence that can have over one’s enjoyment of the game (it did bug me that I didn’t have HoT, even though I knew I wouldn’t use most of it). Knowing that the PoF content, as well as the next season of the Living World, is there waiting for me is a tiny, yet salient peace of mind.

5. Shared inventory slot and level 80 boost.
I only recently decided to use the level 80 boost I received with HoT, boosting up my poor Elementalist who took years to reach only level 30. I picked up an extra character slot when they were on sale last month, so I have a character to boost. As for the second shared inventory slot, I am still scratching my head over how to best put it to use. Maybe a common food item or a cheaper salvage kit than the mystic kit that sits in the first shared slot… who knows! In any case, I am stoked about having a fifth level 80 character! (One of my non-80 characters is an Asuran bank alt and the another non-80 is an Asuran Thief that only use for the Super Adventure Box).

Top 5 Things I Actually Do In Guild Wars 2

In honour of the fifth anniversary of the game, and with the new Path of Fire expansion being released later this month, and given how it is the only MMO I still play, I decided to make a five part series about Guild Wars 2. This is not sponsored content (nothing on this site is sponsored), it’s just something I made for the sake of doing so.

I’ve played Guild Wars 2 off and on since Christmas 2012, in probably the most “casual” manner imaginable, because really, that’s all I personally want from the game. It’s not a perfect game by any stretch of the imagination, but it certainly has its merits. Here is a list of the top five things I do in the game, all of which add up to at least 85% of the time I spend in the game.

1. Complete the PvE related daily quests.
I made an angry post a while back about how the Heart of Thorns expansion screwed with my ability to do the stuff in the game that I actually like doing. I sent this feedback to ArenaNet as well and I think they took it to heart, because new story content has its own set of dailies that are in addition to the normal dailies. As such, I deleted the post and I am generally happy again with dailies.

Anyhow, this is primarily what I do in the game. I don’t log in every day. I don’t even play every week. So, when I do happen to feel like playing it’s nice to have a handful of goals to remind me about the various things I can do. Often by the time I have earned the daily reward, that’s it for me and I log out to do something else. Other times, I stick around and do some of this other stuff.

2. Explore the world, doing dynamic events and heart quests.
Finally, after nearly 5 years, I have earned the “Been there, done that” title! This is actually part of what inspired me to make this series of posts. So yeah, the world in GW2 is actually pretty big and even though I have earned a title indicating that I have explored all of it, I have not in fact even set foot in several of the new Living World season 3 zones, nor have I have explored all of the areas that were added with the Heart of Thorns expansion. There’s so much to see and so many little tidbits of lore and humour (especially quirky NPC dialog!) throughout the maps. I honestly enjoy just farting around the world discovering and taking part in this stuff.

My primary motivation for pre-ordering the Path of Fire expansion was so that I would have even more places to explore. The fact that it was reasonably priced right out of the gate (unlike the stupidly over priced Heart of Thorns expansion) also helped.

3. Collect and sell junk on to other players on the trading post.
As you will find out in more detail later when I complain about the boring crafting system, GW2 has a glut of… stuff that fills the players bags, bank, storage, guild bank, and every imaginable crevice, orifice, and cranny that one can nook stuff into! Thankfully, GW2 also has the Black Lion Trading Company, which is the most awesome auction house system in any game.

I don’t know exactly how much gold I have earned in the game, but what I can say is that I take great pleasure in the fact that I can collect and sell so much useful stuff to other players, through my normal “casual” game play. Over the years I have been able to buy several useful things from the gem store with my earnings! Most crafting materials are usually worth a fair amount of coins and given that they stack up to 250 units and can be deposited into your storage or sold from anywhere, they’re an amazing source of “free money” basically. Especially if you’re like me and you’re not going to use them yourself. That said, there’s just a ton of items, gear, etc. that you will find in your travels that other people genuinely need. Given that the trading post is shared across all servers, the likelihood that someone will buy your items in a timely manner is very high and that’s really rewarding. Of course, the downside to having the shared trading post is that there is essentially no scarcity whatsoever for anything, meaning nothing you can find or craft is special, because chances are there are already 25+ of them available. That said, it’s still fun and profitable to collect and sell stuff.

4. Convert all my gold to gems to buy some inane thing from the gem store.
As I have mentioned to ArenaNet a number of times, their gem store and its ability to convert in game gold into store currency (gems) is far too kind. Like, so much so that even this here “casual player” has only bought 800 gems with real money once (to pickup the Living World Season 2 episodes I was missing when they were on sale). Some folks out there have maxed their character slots by converting gold to gems, and that’s something like 30 x 600 gems! I think it’s safe to say that majority of gem store items you see people using in the game were purchased using in gold rather than real world money.

So, what have I purchased? Let’s see what I can remember… 2 character slots, a glider (not the one I actually wanted…), a flaming quiver for my fire-themed Sylvari Guardian, a total make over kit (the Norn male voice, not my cup of tea), a bank tab, some living story episodes that I missed, the original deluxe edition, and probably a few other things I can’t remember.

Sure, there are loads of other things I would like from the gem store, but at the same time I can happily live without them. More bank tabs would be great, but I can get by with the one extra one that I purchased. Unlimited harvesting tools would be handy, but I can buy pretty much an endless supply of tools with Karma and I kinda like doing that anyway. And so on. But with that said, buying items off the gem store with the gold that I earn in the game has often been and continues to be my “end game content”, my “big goal” if you will. And it’s great, for me.

5. Defeat world bosses.
The pinnacle of “Dynamic Events” in GW2 would be the world boss fights, where a raids worth of random players come together and complete a series of events in the open world. These events happen on a regular schedule, with at least one always being available. When I feel like doing one of these events, I open up this super handy Android app made by Blought, which shows when events are happening and provides some information about each event.

For a person who likes to hop into the game and “do something” for a little while, then hop out again, the world boss fights can be a rewarding use of time. They give decent rewards and most of them have various achievements one can try to earn. Sometimes they fail, other times there are so many people that the events get face rolled in no time flat, but on the whole the world boss events are enjoyable, low commitment content.

Honourable Mention: Personal and Living World Story
I have completed the personal story on one character and partaken in the Living World story up to the final boss fight of Season 2. Yes, that’s all I have done in 4.5 years of playing the game. I generally enjoy the story aspects, but I find that ArenaNet too often forces the player to drudge through lengthy, boring combat sequences that are full of gimmicky game play mechanics that are tedious, boring, annoying, and really only there be an artificial “time sink” rather than an actually enjoyable game play experience. That said, on the whole it’s not a bad way to spend 20 or 30 minutes here or there and that’s what I have done over the years.

ArenaNet – Let me help you spend my money!

The following is a positive, sincere account of how I have spent money on MMOs in the past and what I personally find valuable in Guild Wars 2. My intent is to help ArenaNet (makers of Guild Wars 2) make money from gem sales and expansions, by telling them explicitly what I WILL purchase (not “might”, but actually WILL spend money on). Why do this? I like Guild Wars 2 and wish to see its continued success! 🙂

Personal Background (Demographics):
– Male, 37, Married, Kids, Canada.
– Started playing MMOs in 2002 with Everquest.
– Most hours played in: Star Wars Galaxies, Planetside 2, World of Warcraft, Everquest 1/2.
– Most subscriptions paid for: Star Wars Galaxies (multiple accounts)
– Most additional money spent on a subscription based game: World of Warcraft (character transfer fees, mounts).
– Most money spent in a “free2play” game: Planetside 2 (weapons > cosmetics > xp boost).
– Total different MMOs I have spent money on or in: 10+
– MMOs I have played in the last year: Guild Wars 2, Planetside 2, SWGEmu.
– MMOs I have played in the 3 months: Guild Wars 2, Planetside 2.
– MMOs I currently play: Guild Wars 2.
– MMOs I will play in 2016: Guild Wars 2.
– Game consoles owned: Wii
– Do I play or purchase other PC or console games: Pretty much never.
– Last PC or console game purchase: Torchlight II, 2013.

Approx Spent Since 2002:
– Games: $500
– Expansion Packs: $300
– Subscriptions: $1,000 – $1,500
– Optional Services (mostly character tranfer fees): $150

How I Allocated Currency I Purchased:
– Mounts: $50 (EQ2 / WoW)
– Game Play Variety (weapons, classes, houses, etc): $250
– Utility (storage, toolbars, etc): $100
– Cosmetics (camo, skins, etc): $50

Please don’t add all that up… I don’t want to know. No doubt it’s less than many spend on beer in a year though! lol…

Moving on to Guild Wars 2 specific information now.

Purchased GW2: December 2012
Year most played: 2015
Year least played: Honestly, I barely ever played before 2015.

Reasons for original purchase:

1. Open, “living world” design with down leveling to keep all content relevant.

2. Uncompetitive, co-op oriented PvE (harvesting nodes, loot distribution, no “mob tagging”, etc)

3. Class and combat mechanics tied to weapon choices and how that played into making underwater combat unique and interesting.

4. Fun combat style, with no-tab targeting and active dodging.

5. No monthly subscription.

Why didn’t I play much before 2015:

1. I was playing other games, mostly Planetside 2, and working on other hobbies in my available time.

2. I found the character personalities in Guild Wars 2 very hard to relate to and in some ways, actively annoying. The breathy Sylvari male, my first character past 20 (since deleted), was especially obnoxious. On the flip side, my main character whom I adore is a female Sylvari. Kudos to you, Jennifer Hale! 🙂

3. It was difficult to find a class that I enjoyed playing. I tried all but the ones I knew I wouldn’t like (Thief and Necromancer) to level 25 or so and the only one I really fun with was Guardian.

4. The mounts/vehicles, housing, and clothing variety that I was used to having in other games weren’t available in GW2, making GW2 feel less personal. This is where Everquest 2 shines – it has copious amounts of EVERYTHING! lol…

5. The GW2 crafting system isn’t as fun as Star Wars Galaxies system, but I like it. However, it ultimately feels a little pointless, given how everything you can make is already available for purchase on the Trading Post for the lowest possible price. This is, of course, excluding the highest level, most grindy-to-make items that I would never bother making anyway. I guess I will be forever spoiled by the SWG Beast Master crafting system… 🙂

6. My one friend who played kept changing servers, so I ended up deleting everything and starting over 3 times. The last time, I said no more! He hasn’t played in about a year, go figure… This undoubtedly had a negative impact on my level of emotional investment in the game, especially given I didn’t have any investment in the franchise as a whole (I never played the original Guild Wars or explored its lore).

Why I decided to play GW2 more in 2015:

1. “It’s a beautiful game and I really like a lot about it!”, so I have said a number of times over the years. It was time to give it a fair shake.

2. Despite spending thousands of hours in Planetside 2, a 100% PvP game, and many hours playing Counter-Strike “back in the day”, I’m not really into the whole Internet competition thing. I just like shooting doods and blowing stuff up (in a gore-free, laser-tag/computer game sense – gore/horror is not my cup of tea). What I actually REALLY enjoy is PvE exploration and that’s what I have spent the vast majority of my time doing in SWG, WoW, EQ/EQ2, GW2, Aion, SWTOR… and MANY other games. Guild Wars 2 has an amazing open world to explore.

3. I’m not really into the whole “online community” thing. Back before I got married and had a whack of kids of my own, I didn’t so much mind sitting down at the computer and interacting with other people and their kids. Now, however, when I sit down to play an online game the last thing I want to do is entertain or interact with children (or adults who act like children). I’ve always hated VOIP, with the exception of a handful of people I raided with in WoW. Why? Because I really don’t give a shit about how high or drunk you are pretending to be… People on the Internet, I can live without them.

And here’s the thing, with the original design of Guild Wars 2, a person could log in and have hours of fun playing with other people without ever having to deal with organizing groups, drama, demands to use voip, etc. Nope, instead of all that kruft, you could just log in, “do stuff”, and find that other folks are around doing that stuff too. As a person who just wants to sit down for a while, when time permits, and disolve into another world for a while, the original areas of Guild Wars 2 are a dream come true!

Purchases I have made in Guild Wars 2:
Gems: 800 Gems (USD, 1 in game transaction)
– Special Edition, when on sale
– 1 Bank Tab
– Missing Living Story, Season 2 chapters, when on sale (topped with Gold > Gems).

Why I have not purchased more in Guild Wars 2:

1. Game Cards are no longer available in Canada. BestBuy and EBGames used to carry them.

2. The Canadian Dollar is far too low justify purchasing ANYTHING in USD these days. For majority of the time I have been playing MMOs, the exchange rate has been alright, +/-10% (, however, we’re now looking at roughly 35% surcharge on any purchase simply due to the entirely arbitrary exchange rate. I’m sorry, but that’s way beyond reasonable.

The bottom line here is that unless I can buy gems in Canadian Dollars, 800 gems for $10, I won’t be buying any gems, at all. Bring the gem cards back to Canadian store shelves, because earning $10 CND is a heck of a lot better than earning $0 USD.

3. The vast majority of the content in Heart of Thorns is stuff I don’t care about and will never use, thus it is simply not worth the $70 CAD price tag. Allow me to list everything in HoT that I won’t use:

– The 4 new zones, because they REQUIRE organized play at specific times. This is totally the opposite of why I play GW2.

– Personal Story. Still have yet to finish the original one on my main character… Just not my thing, I guess.

– Anything PvP related. I don’t PvP at all.

– Anything dungeon or raid related. I don’t do dungeons or raids at all.

– The entire guild system. Thankfully I was able to get 50 slots of storage in my personal guild bank before that was made impossible… Other than that, I have no use for guilds at all.

– Most of the Mastery system.

As you can see, the vast majority of the content added in HoT is stuff I am not interested in. Honestly, I doubt I would even get around to using the new class or most of the new class specs. Had HoT included 4 new maps like Gendarran Fields or Sparkfly Fen then that alone would have been enough to convince me to purchase HoT, as I would get many hours of use out the money spent.

And finally… here are the things I WOULD buy with Gems, if I can buy gems at 800/$10CAD:

Existing One Time:
– 4+ Bank Tabs.
– 1 Additional Crafting License.
– 1 Storage Expander
– 2+ Character Slots
– Musical Harp
– Magic Carpet
– Riding Broom
– Basic Harvesting Node Pack
– Basic Lumber Node Pack
– Basic Ore Node Pack
– Basic Cloth Rack

Occasional Purchases:
– Sale bundles! (I’m a sucker for a good bundle!)
– Banker Golem
– Merchant Express
– Heroic Booster
– Trading Post Express

Things I would buy if they existed!:
– Mounts! They’re fun and that’s all there really is to it…
– Bag slots account wide…
– HoT as piecemeal features
– New open original GW2 style world maps, 1000 Gems each.
– Additional “personal stories”, 800 Gems each. I would actually buy these, even though I likely would never get to finishing them… /shrug
– Personal housing or “more stuff” for the home instance.
– Instanced shops for each crafting profession, with upgrades/features/systems that add game play variety, but not power. 800 Gems each (account wide).
– Mini-games, such as fishing, that reward existing materials in different ways. 250 Gems each.

And finally…

– Lock boxes, lock box keys, “random dyes”, or any other sort gambling.
– Character transfers. You know what, server population management is just not MY problem. If a server is dead, YOU fix it! (Latent WoW related anger talking here lol… Arenanet’s mega servers are great).

Alrighty, I think I have laid that out as plainly as possible. I didn’t bother going into details about why I am not interested in things like raiding, pvp, and guilds, because ultimately the WHY doesn’t matter. All that matters is that I am not going to spend money on those things.

I will say this though, I played Planetside 2 because it was a Sci-fi FPS game with good gun mechanics and awesome vehicle play, not because it was a PvP game – I would likely still be playing it had it been a PvE game! Sure, I healed more than five hundred 5 man dungeons in WoW during Wrath of the Lich King alone, but… I’m just not really interested in doing that kind of content anymore. I’ve been an integral part of several nice online communities over the years and by no means am I actively hostile or totally indifferent towards other players in games these days, but the truth is that I just don’t have it in me to be committed to anything other than my family and “real life friends”. I play games to unwind, to have fun! Ultimately, my likes and motivations are what they are, just as yours are what they are. To each his own! 🙂

$70 Canadian is too much for an expansion pack to an MMO Game

It really is.

In the past I have spent many hours on the forums of Star Wars Galaxies, Planetside, and other games that I have played, but for some reason I never really felt compelled to take part in the Guild Wars 2 forum. Today, that changed. At least for one post.

I thought long and hard about this issue over the last few weeks and I came to the conclusion that I really do have reasonable expectations for the value of an expansion and the content I expect it to provide. I’m not crazy. I’m not unreasonable. In fact, I think it’s pretty level headed to feel that an expansion pack shouldn’t cost as much as one paid for the original game and that it should, at the very least, offer content that is similar to what is already in the game. But that’s not what Arenanet is offering with their Heart of Thorns expansion to Guild Wars 2.

From what I have read, most of the content in Heart of Thorns is aimed squarely at “Raiders” and “PvPers”, of which I am neither. And honestly, that would be totally fine had Arenanet not chopped out, gutted, and devalued parts of the original game in the process of making the new expansion on top of making the open world area of HoT geared to the top 1% of players. What they have done to the “base game” comes across as little more than an underhanded way to “encourage” people to purchase their new, far too expensive, expansion – even if most of the content in that expansion doesn’t interest the player.

Finally, I felt compelled to post something on their forums:

I’ve had GW2 since (I asked my wife to buy it for me for) the Christmas after its launch and I’ve played it off and on. I’ve always said it’s a beautiful game, but hard to “get into”. Not that it’s a hard game, just that there is something inherently boring about it, such that despite really quite enjoying its mechanics and design, my GW2 game sessions seem to always be considerably shorter than other games I have played (EQ/EQ2, SWG, WoW, PS2, Aion, etc…). Coming back after several months to find entire systems changed or removed certainly didn’t help that any btw – some of the things that compelled me to purchase the game no longer exist and that’s… annoying.

Anyhow, i finally leveled a character to 80 earlier in 2015 and I’ve considered purchasing the new expansion. I appreciate that it’s an actual expansion of the game rather than a wholesale replacement of the game, unlike so many other MMOs. However, there are some factors about Heart of Thorns that are keeping me from purchasing it:

1. I am Canadian. The retail box is $70 on store shelves here. The CAD to USD exchange rate makes the $50USD online purchase roughly $68.

Look, Canada is not some third world nation with a GDP worth a box of donuts. Despite the ridiculous geo-political garbage that has driven our dollar to historic lows in the last year, the reality is that Canadians earn roughly the same wages as Americans and our time is every bit as valuable as anyone else’s. Time IS money; Asking us to pay $20 more for your expansion is inappropriate.

2. $50 USD is about $10 USD more than I am willing to pay for an EXPANSION PACK. $39.99 is the top end of what I feel is reasonable. Honestly, as a person who never played the original Guild Wars, I would get more new content and thus, “value for the dollar”, by spending $20 on the original game.

3. I don’t like what I am reading about how the open world makes soloing a bunch of boring drudgery and frustrating tedium. Jumping puzzles? Yeah, fine, if they are optional and I happen to feel in the mood to do one. Mobs so tightly packed and on such a fast respawn that getting places is tedious? Tedium is the opposite of fun folks – Opposite of fun. Dungeons, raids, and PvP? Don’t care, do what you want with them. However, the open world should be there for everyone to enjoy.

4. I’m actually quite pissed off about the changes to the Skill Point system, which magically means that I get exactly NOTHING for leveling up beyond 80 now, unless I buy your expansion! What the actual… really? That was, point blank, a deceptive and shitty thing to do people like me who bought the original game (collector’s ed no less…). I couldn’t care less that you “went free to play” – I bought the damned game – stop taking away parts of what I paid for!

In fact, that last point there is such a stinger that as a matter of principle, I’m really not inclined to spend any money with NCSoft again. If that’s the kind of treatment I get for my money, well… I’d rather give my “disposable income” to someone else, tbh. Certainly no shortage of places to spend money…

As it stands, GW2 is a very nice game with much to like about it, but I doubt I will purchase the Heart of Thorns expansion. Sadly, from what I have already seen, I can’t help but worry that even more of the “base game” will be knee-capped, removed, or left broken, in the interest of pushing the sale of the expansion. An expansion that, from what I can tell, was made for a niche market rather than whole player base no less. Hopefully I will have time to finish the “base game” before it’s entirely paywalled, despite the fact that I did indeed pay for it already.

/first post

(After 3 years I finally felt strongly enough to come here and post something. Take that into consideration.)

Will I continue to post on the Guild Wars 2 forum? Meh, probably not. It’s a fun game and I genuinely like parts of it, but… I’m still just “not feeling it”. This lack of emotional investment could be related to the game’s the lack of mounts (they are so fun in WoW and EQ2!), the generally snobish/hoity-toity feel of the characters/stories/clothing that “rubs me the wrong way”, and my general dislike of the whole “Steampunk” thing, but it just as easily could be the unfortunate reality that I simply went and “got old”. Probably a little of this, a little of that, but it’s not like I am really “into” playing anything else these days, so… yeah. /shrug … Lot’s of other things to do!

Giving Guild Wars 2 a Fair Shake

It’s funny, my wife gave me Guild Wars 2 for Christmas in 2012 (because I totally asked her for it lol…) and I’ve barely played it since then. I had watched some videos of it prior to launch and I was extremely impressed with world design, the skill system being based on weapon type and being under water or on land… It look to me, back in summer 2012, that it Guild Wars 2 was going to be an amazing game. Yet… I didn’t buy it and I haven’t played it much since I did get it. Why would I do that?

The Gamebox Lotto

Purchasing a game without first being able to play it, to know if you’re going to like it or not, is what I refer to as the “gamebox lotto”. After several past experiences with buying games that I didn’t end up playing for more than a few minutes, I was reluctant to buy Guild Wars 2. I don’t have a lot of disposable income to waste on these sorts of things and I had already spent what I felt was my fair share of “just for fun” money on Planetside 2. I’d never played the original Guild Wars, which meant I didn’t have anything invested in the franchise, dollars or emotions, so combined with the gamebox lotto and how I was already caught up in Planetside 2, I took a pass on Guild Wars 2.

By the time Christmas 2012 rolled around and Planetside 2 had launched, it was pretty clear that PS2 was a buggy mess by SOE that was probably never going to get any better. I still played a heck of a lot of PS2 on a few occasions in 2013 and 2014, but ultimately I was right and PS2 wasn’t worth my time. Furthermore, my interest in Star Wars Galaxies had finally wained and I was looking for something new and interesting to “get into”. Guild Wars 2, with its living world, excellent crafting system, and very nifty system that levels players down so that all areas of the game remain useful, sure looked like it would be great for me.

Well, it turns out that I was right, only it took me a couple of years to realize it!

I played GW2 a few times, but until recently I never gave it “a fair shake”. Over the years I ended up re-rolling my characters to change to a server where a friend of mine played and after doing so two or three times, I was left with an account that had never seen a character above level 25. That’s a real bummer and a good indication on how little of Guild Wars 2 I had actually seen. Now my friend no longer plays, but he did give me 10 gold that I still have it kicking around, so that’s something. 🙂

Anyhow, I’ve decided to give Guild Wars 2 the “fair shake” it deserves, because it’s beautiful game in so many ways. I look forward to leveling up my Silvari Guardian and Human Elementalist in perpetration for the recently announced expansion pack.

And who knows, I may make a post or two about my experiences here. Though keep in mind that I am splitting my “spare time” between making Loop Dipole and the Chaoties and playing Guild Wars, pretty much exclusively until winter goes away and we make our garden again. Snow be gone! 🙂