Product Reviews

Well written product reviews are probably one of the most helpful aspects of the Internet, because they truly impart upon the reader the essence of the experience one can have with the product. When it comes to computer hardware and software, most people only have a passing idea of what the “end user experience” will really be like with a product before they buy it and in today’s mail order, online shopping filled world, that can make purchasing technology really daunting. So, for my part as a poor dude who is well versed in computer technology, I have written some reviews of products I have either purchased for myself or that I have used extensively.

These are unpaid reviews – I don’t even earn anything from the ad revenue generated by this site (it goes to WordPress as part of their free blog hosting setup). In the extremely unlikely event that someone does choose to pay me to review something here, the post will be clearly marked as a sponsored review, with links to the sponsor, etc. Either way, my reviews are honest and I try to be as objective as possible.

FYI: In the past I have declined offers to monetise this site and I will most likely continue to do so in the future as well. That said, I am willing to be paid for creating content on other websites. 😛

Hardware Reviews

  • Samsung Galaxy S8: I Liked the S6 Better (8/12/2018) - It has been a little over a month since I “upgraded” from my Samsung Galaxy S6 to last year’s flag ship Galaxy S8. I can sum up my feelings and experiences in the following the sentence… The battery life is better. Honestly, the S8 is “different for the sake of being different” and it manages […]
  • HP Chromebook 14 G4 Review (11/2/2017) - Aug 2018 Update: DO NOT BUY THIS DEVICE! Google pulled support for Android apps and it won’t be getting the ability to run native Linux programs either. Buy a Windows laptop and dual boot Linux (or just use Windows), because it’s worth the slightly higher price tag for a fully functional computer. Don’t buy a […]

Software Reviews

  • Linux Can Look Like Anything! (1/14/2016) - One of the things I really love about using Linux is that I can customize every part of its appearance and interface functionality. One of the disappointing things about Windows 10 is that it’s ugly as hell, yet Microsoft didn’t even bother to add in the looks of previous Windows versions in the customization options. […]
  • Tutorial: Multithreaded Folder Compression for the XFCE Desktop (1/22/2015) - Have you ever made a “zip file” and wished it didn’t take so long? So have I! If you’re a fellow GNU/Linux user and your computer has a multi core CPU, here’s something you can do to dramatically speed up the creation of a basic zip file. Most computers these days have multiple cores and […]