Dollar Store Painting

I’m not an artist. I’m not independently wealthy. But Bob and Bill say anyone can paint, so from time to time I enjoy slapping some paint around to see what wanders out of my mind, in the least expensive manner possible. When I was a child I painted my toys and models (sometimes with my mom’s awesome metallic nail polish!), while today I enjoy painting with cheap acrylic paints from the dollar store (and Walmart, if I can’t find the color elsewhere). Here’s my setup,

I have several DecoArt paint colours (Dollarama), a set of paint brushes and palette knives (from Micheal’s), a plastic serving dish for a palette (Dollarama), an easel made from junk, an old rag, a few recycled containers, and a piece of non-slip stuff. It’s not much, but it’s sufficient for painting small surfaces. Indeed, I intentionally paint on a small “canvas”, because it makes the paint last a very long time, even though it’s an enormous pain in the ass to paint tiny features.

I create many of my paintings on “practice canvases” that I made out of corrugated card board boxes, primed with a mixture of white paint and drywall compound (which I already had handy). These canvases are essentially free, where as a 5×7″ linen-over-cardboard canvas costs about a dollar. Larger canvases cost $3 to $50 each, which adds up quickly and ends up creating a significant amount emotional inertia. I would much rather have the experience of painting something “bad” on a piece of junk than to fret over painting something worthy of the canvas it was painted upon. Painting is supposed to be fun!

Here is a gallery of things I have painted. It seems to be impossible to take pictures of these paintings with the correct lighting and color balance and there’s only so much I can do with Gimp to correct the brightness/contrast, but the results are close enough.



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