Services & Patronage

Semi-Nerdly is my personal website, where I post content related to my hobbies in an advertisement and endorsement free environment. I pay to remove the advertisements, because I would have absolutely no control over the ads my visitors would see if ads were enabled and as a fellow user of the Internet, I know just how inappropriate many online advertisements can be. They bug me too, so you won’t see any here!

If you happen to feel like showing your support for the content I produce here, I’ve put together the following options. Supporters of Semi-Nerdly can be seen in the “Thank You!” section of the Welcome page and I sincerely appreciate every single one of you. Thank you so much!


R. Bassett Jr. (Rob/Tatwi)

You can now show your support by making a donation directly on Patreon! After reading about it and seeing so many others use the service, I figured it was probably the most convenient way for folks to help me out if they felt so inclined.

Technical Writing
I am adept at writing technical documentation and I am capable of producing the “copy” for user manuals, brochures, and the like in a timely manner. Examples of my work can be found here on this site as well as in my GitHub repository, such as the documentation for my Legend of Hondo computer game modifications . I am fluent in only the English language, however I am an excellent written and verbal communicator who can translate documentation created by non-native speakers into proper English, while maintaining the correct technical context. If you’re interested in my services, please contact me by email.

Royalties for “Deck or Die” Game Production
If you would like to manufacture and sell the board game I created, Deck or Die, you may purchase a world wide licence that allows you to produce the game for ten years, at the cost five United States dollars per unit that you produce. Payment must be made in full before any units are produced for the duration of the contract. Contact me for further details.

Personal Computer Purchasing Assistance
Want to buy a computer, phone, or tablet, but you aren’t confident enough to buy it on your own? I can help you with that! It pains me to see people like my mother spend good money on stuff that’s totally unsuitable for them, simply because they couldn’t find the help they needed. Rather than rely on web searches and store employees of questionable knowledge, shoot me an email and I’ll see what I can do to help you out. Unlike so many others, if I don’t know how to help you help, I will actually say so! Who knows, maybe if we put our heads together we’ll figure it out!

If you’re an individual and you’re satisfied with my assistance, some form of compensation for my time would be much appreciated. If you’re a business, I will be paid for my consultation based upon terms we agree to ahead of time and the transaction will be completed in a manner consistent with income tax laws, etc.

Many people use online platforms to operate campaigns as a way to make a living off the content they create on the Internet and I applaud them for their dedication and hard work. Myself though, I do stuff for the site “because I feel like doing it”, which means that I generally don’t have any plan or schedule. As such, I absolutely do not expect that anyone would feel compelled to support the content I create, but I certainly appreciate anyone who does!

As different way to help out, I also created an Amazon Wish List of items that would be handy, as well as the following list of items.

Family Stuff

  • Pasta, canned goods, cereal, rice… basically, food. Kids eat endlessly, let me tell ya so we can never have too much of it kicking around! lol…
  • Arts and crafts supplies, like paints, paper, markers, sewing/crochet, play dough, etc.
  • Girls clothes the would fit ages 8 to 14 or so.
  • Books for kids grade 2 to 7. My wife reads a variety of novels, while I tend to read text books and occasionally classical science fiction. We all love reading though and used books are great!
  • Electric piano of a standard size that would be good for learning
  • Electric guitar and amplifier
  • Bass guitar
  • Microphone stand with a boom
  • Basketball hoop
  • Vegetable and flower seeds for gardening with the kids
  • Any wireless router that is better than our old D-Link Wireless G model…
  • A maid. Wait… that’s supposed to be me! 🙂

Desktop Computer Upgrades

  • 27″ 1080p monitor (preferably with FreeSync) $180
  • Intel Core i5 8600 (non-k) $280
  • GIGABYTE H310M S2P Motherboard (I need one usable PCI slot) $80
  • 16GB DDR4 2400MHz RAM $200
  • Nvidia Geforce 1060 3GB graphics card $330
  • 500GB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD $200
  • 120mm Case fan (low noise) $10
  • 120mm Metal Fan Grill $5

Commodore 64

  • Easy Flash III cartridge or equivilent $65 USD
  • 2 Nintendo/Sega style gamepads $?
  • Jelly-filled wrist rest for keyboards $20
  • Simons’ BASIC cartridge
  • Burger Time cartridge
  • Bubble Bobble cartridge

DOS/Windows 98 Computer

  • ATA to SATA hard drive adapter $15

Guild Wars 2 (Send to Tatwi.3562)

  • Bank slots (15)
  • Shared inventory slots (18)
  • Bag slots (10)
  • Unlimited logging tool
  • Unlimited mining tool
  • Copper-fed salvaging tool
  • Character slots (62)
  • 20 Slot Bags
  • Storage expanders (7)
  • Outfits: Champion of Tyria, Ceremonial Plated, Dynamics Exo-Suit, Inquest Exo-Suit Ironclad, Mad Scientist, Pirate Captain’s
  • Gliders: Dynamics Glider Module, Classical, Glacial, Magic Carpet, Super Adventure Holo-Copter
  • Mount Skins: Flamelander, Wintersday(all), Storm Ridge, Kourna Jackrabbit, Pyroclast, Shrine Guardian Jackal, Stardust, Fire Pinion
  • Dies: Uncommon, rare, and exclusive
  • Gold/Silver/Copper

Electronics & Other Hobbies

  • 7″ to 8″ Tablet (mainly for reading PDF files) $100
  • Raspberry Pi 3 and power supply $60
  • Raspberry Pi Zero W $10
  • 87 Key VicTsing/Tomoko Mechanical Keyboard $40
  • 5″ 800×600 LCD for Pi $50
  • Guitar Picks $7
  • Microphone stand with boom $30
  • Soldering “Helping Third Hand” $15
  • Soldering iron holder $10
  • Solder wick $5
  • 8GB or 16GB Class 10 Micro SD Card $10
  • 7 Piece Dungeons & Dragon Dice $2
  • Proto Electronics Solderable Boards (various sized) $20
  • Misc electronic component (resistors, capacitors, diodes, etc)
  • 5 Volt / 3 Amp quality power supply $20


  • Used pickup truck for yard work, going to the dump, etc. It doesn’t need to be pretty, just able to be pass safety and be insurable.
  • Tin roofing approx 1,200 square feet. Used is fine as long as it’s suitable for reuse on the house.
  • Four 7′ foundation jack posts and enough 2x10s to make a 10′ beam that’s 3 boards wide.
  • Modestly clean gravel and the will for me to level out the dirt floor under our extension while fighting icky spiders…
  • Old iron wood stove, the kind used for cooking. I’d like it for the back yard and for something to use during a power outage.