No Man’s Sky No Longer Needs Mods to Be Great

Truth be told, I have played way too much No Man’s Sky since I purchased it in March 2019. I started off playing it on Steam, because I thought the multiplayer aspect would be important to me. Turned out that it wasn’t, so bought the GOG version and washed my hands of Steam (Steam, never been a fan). Then at one point during the version 1.77 era,I realized the game was super easy, so I went about modding it to be more challenging. It was a bit of an obsession…

Anyway, I have since been playing the current versions of the game and I have to say that honestly, the game no longer needs mods. Hello Games has simply added so much fun content and adjusted so many systems that, while even easier in Normal Mode and still as easy as ever in Survival Mode, the game is quite enjoyable just as it is.

With this in mind, I decided to pair down my several game saves to just two:

1. My GOG Normal Mode save. This is where I have made it to “GOG Civilized Space“, made a few cool bases, and made some friends.

2. My previously offline-only GOG version 1.77 Survival Mode save.

I have over 115 hours of play time in each of these modes and thus, they are my most developed, meaningful characters. Having played about 5 other characters at times, I can safely say that each one is so similar to the other that it makes my brain go squirrely trying to keep them separated! Pairing down to just one character per game mode, and playing both of those characters in the same version of the game, is good for my old-man brain!

I am happy to report that copying the GOG 1.77 offline save files into the profiles directory of my GOG online profiles folder worked without issues. When playing offline your character is always called “Traveler”, so some of previous discoveries are listed as Traveler rather than Tatwi, but that’s OK. New discoveries are being attributed to Tatwi and some of the older ones are too, so that’s great!

So now Survival Mode players on all platforms, from PS4 to PC, can visit the castle I built in my previously offline-only game save! Pretty cool, eh?

I prefer to play in Survival Mode and I still have plenty of character development to poke away at, in no small part because it needs to catch up on unlocking new features since version 1.77. The biggest difference between default NMS and my modded version of 1.77 is that space combat is super easy in the default version. Ah well, I’m happy to take the good with the bad there, because it’s means I can just hop in and play without first making my mods work with new updates to the game. Is that lazy? Maybe, but I prefer to think of it as the default game being so awesome that I no longer feel compelled to change it. 🙂

See you out there in Euclid, a galaxy not so far away!

Rambling Tangent:

I will say that you have to be careful moving save files around, because the file names (save4.hg, etc) aren’t as important to the game as the information inside the files. I discovered that if you want to put two versions of “save3.hg” into the same folder, it’s not enough to rename one of them “save4.hg”. You’ll have to first open one of the save files using the NMS Save Editor and export it to a different save slot number. Then it will likely show up on your drive as “save5.hg” or something, which you can copy over and the game will show it occupying the save game slot you chose when exporting. Before I did the export step, I just renamed the second save3.hg to save4.hg and didn’t show up in the game.

Keeping different profile folders for different versions of the GOG game requires keeping two versions of the Default folder and renaming the one you want to use to Default before running the game. The save files are located in,

C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Hello Games\NMS\Default

If you also use the Steam version of the game, it’s save folder is named st_###…, where ###… is string of numbers likely related to your Steam ID.

I found when using the NMS Save Editor that it only looked into the GOG Default folder, but perhaps that’s the way I setup it up at some point. So to move my offline save to a different slot I renamed Default_177 to Default, then opened the Save File Editor, exported my save to another save slot, then I copied the new save file into the Default folder that I use for the current version of the game.