Transformers Fun with Devuan

I’ve been using Devuan Linux Version 3 (Beowulf) on my Lenovo Ideapad 100e laptop for a couple of weeks now and I really enjoy it. My only complaint is that, like all other Linux distributions, they’ve dropped support for GIMP 2.8 and are thus using the woefully flawed and utterly unusable garbage that is GIMP 2.10. That complaint aside, I was able to setup my Xfce desktop experience identically to how I’ve had it in Devuan 2 (ASCII), Linux Mint 17, and Debian Wheezy in the past.

Devuan 3, it works good!

That said, didn’t much care for the theme of the SLiM login manager, so I downloaded and modified the Bridge theme by Aditya Shakya. Being a somewhat nerdy, perhaps semi-nerdly, late model Gen Xer, I went with a Gen 1 Autobots theme, stoking the fires of my mid life nostalgia just a bit more. Here it is,

My Slim login manager theme

The modifications to the theme file itself were minimal, I simply changed the login font from normal blue to bold black and moved the input text fields to the right 23px. Lines 33, 28, and 30 respectively. The rest of the “modding” only involved replacing the two images with my own.

I found the background image using Google image search (appears to be created by OOO19415) and resized it for my screen (1366×768).

I made the login panel image using GIMP 2.8 (in Windows 10, damn it, because there’s no way I am accepting change for the sake of change AND absolute garbage performance/functionality in the image editing software I have been using for over a decade!). Here is the finished product…

My Slim login manager panel

The login panel contains two photos of real Transformers items, the top wording from a picture of an Optimus Prime box, and the Autobot button is picture of a real pin. Both images were from Ebay sales, again found using Google image search. The middle red portion with the username/password, the background, and the silver/black/blue button I made from scratch.

What? No. No nerds here, I swear!

Well, that’s it for this one. Just thought I would share for no good reason at all. 🙂

My Devuan 3 desktop