Assholes with Money: Humanity’s Greatest Adversary

Money is one of a number of currencies that are exchanged between people to facilitate equitable trade. Currency is influence – those who have something desirable by others will have the attention of others. That’s fine, trade sure is a lot better than anarchy.

Where the problems arise with money are,

1. It gives an overwhelming advantage to sociopaths, because they don’t care who (or what) they hurt or what rules they break when obtaining money.

2. Once a sociopath has amassed enough money, he now has the resources to have a negative impact on the lives of an enormous amount of people.

A poor asshole is easily ignored, as he lacks the resources to have a large sphere of influence. Therefore, with the exception of terrorist attacks, a poor asshole’s effect on humanity is negligible at best.

A wealthy asshole, on the other hand, has an incredible amount of resources and thus is able to push his every whim on large swaths of humanity. This has to stop; Having a lot of money doesn’t give you the right to fuck with other people’s lives.

Given that first problem with money I listed (that liars, thieves, murders and so on can amass dis-proportionally more of it than normal folks), it’s abundantly clear that humanity needs more checks and balances for positions of influence. The overwhelming majority of humanity, the common citizen, needs more tools than violence and overwhelming numbers to facilitate equitable influence over their own lives. Sadly, horrific violence has historically been humanity’s most effective tool, but its success has been questionable and fleeting, despite the great suffering and sacrifice required every time that tool is taken out of the shed. We can do better.

“Although Canada’s population is often described as a “mosaic”and it espouses official policies of bilingualism and multiculturalism, as well as being a highly-ranked country for gender equality (e.g. it is ranked 19thin the WEF’s32014Global Gender Gap Report), the composition of the Parliament of Canada (members of parliament (MP) and senators) does not mirror its demographics or espoused values.”

– Kai L. Chan, PhD

In his paper from 2014, Dr. Chan explains that even here Canada, where we have strong anti-corruption clauses in our electoral laws, our government, particularly the Senate, is still largely comprised of wealthy people who neither represent the demographics nor the economic reality of the majority of Canadians. I’m certainly not saying that all of our members of parliament are assholes and/or sociopaths, nor am I saying that it is impossible for a an average citizen to become a member of notable influence. I am simply pointing out that even in the ideal situation of a country of free people, where the balance of power is managed by legislation that was created to best treat the average citizen, the system is still heavily weighted to favor assholes with money.

Now take a moment to imagine all of the unaccountable instances where assholes with money run roughshod over the world, through their manipulation of economies/communities/nations and their anti-social, often straight up tyrannical, campaigns against humanity. From bored rich people who buy perfectly acceptable companies to gut them for their own profit and amusement (at the expense of the employees, the customers, and their communities), to the dictators who commit atrocities, our beautiful world has been under the constant subjugation of these broken individuals since the dawn of time. In one form or another, the worst of us have dragged and clawed humanity towards the putrid end which those poor souls see as reality. But we, the ever optimistic normal folk whose hard work and determination has literally built the world around us, know that there’s a better world and a better end for all of us beyond the limited vision of the awful, wealthy few. It’s in our history, it’s in our religions, it is the luminous truth shining from within the very fabric of our beings…

We are free, each of us a part of the universe trying to understand itself, no more and no less than any other. We are free and by the very nature of our existence, we are all equal.

We need to find a way for money, for all forms of currency, to facilitate the trade of goods and services, not the weilding of influence and power.