I Built A Castle! (in No Man’s Sky)

Earlier in the week I finished the Artemis Path on my shiny new GOG single player Survival Mode game and chose to go to the happy rainbows galaxy, Eissentam. I repaired my ship and set out into the void once more, but after an hour or two I realized that really, it just plumb doesn’t matter what galaxy one chooses to play in and I didn’t actually want to start over again in a new galaxy. I had bases in the starting galaxy that I liked, on planets I had barely explored, and I was in a decent region of space, with plenty more to do and see. So, I loaded up my last manual save, rewinding time back to before I completed the Atlas Path quest line. And then, I set out to build this castle on my main planet, because why not! 🙂

Ultimately, the game itself tells you that shit happens and there’s nothing you can do about it, so you may as well just forget about the state of the universe and enjoy the ride. It’s a pretty terrible story to be honest, full of tired tropes and incoherence, but the worst part is that it forces a narrative upon your character that may well be entirely the opposite of what you want for your character. Sigh, that’s video games for ya! The game itself is excellent at “facilitating the enjoyment of the experience” though and that just so happens to be how I define the purpose of games in general, so I am happy with it. Anyway… So, I figured I may as well just keep myself busy by taking the time to thoroughly explore the planets and to build whatever happens to tickle my fancy at the time.

The castle walls are made using the concrete wall parts, because I found them both easy to work with and affordable. I wasn’t really paying attention to the cost, but I started with 30 point something million and I still have more than 28 million left after buying a few inventories full of Ferrite Dust. I considered using the cuboid rooms, but they require significantly more Ferrite per block and I didn’t think they looked the part as well as the basic walls and wooden floors. The whole structure is put together using the standard snap-to-fit method. I made a “gallery of oddities” in the lower front section and placed a room for my Korvax scientist to live while he studies them. I made a manual landing pad area to avoid having the sky filled with NPC ships circling endlessly if I land on my normal pad (I discovered an issue where even if you have 6 base landing pads, the NPC ships will only ever use the last one your ship was parked at, so there’s no point in having more than one). I even added a few secret passageways, because what’s a castle without secret passageways! Oh, and I also have a garage for my two favorite vehicles, the Roamer and the Colossus.

You won’t be able to visit this base, as it’s offline. If the upcoming Beyond update is any good, I might build something similar on my Steam profile and open it to the public. We’ll see. None the less, here is the planet address:

Update: I replaced the landing pad with a garage for the bike, because even with the empty landing pad I had at least five ships circling loudly over the castle at all times and the only the solution I have found is to simply not use the base landing pad (which is a bummer).