Creating Challenge in No Man’s Sky

Also, Steam still sucks and I regret having signed up for it to purchase the game there at a discount. I am now happily playing No Man’s Sky using the GOG version of the game! (Completely off-line, because multi-player doesn’t interest me and neither does bloated, privacy invading software). Yeah I bought it on sale twice, so it’s like I paid full price for it, but that’s OK, because it’s awesome and worth it! Anyway…

No Man’s Sky is an amazing game, but it’s so easy even on Survival Mode. I just started playing the game in 2019 and from what I have read it used to be much harder than it is now. They’ve added so much convenience that they’ve undermined the challenge of the game beyond the first 20 minutes. Initially I figured that adhering to a personal challenge would be enough to satisfy my desires for how the game should feel, but it was still too easy. Next, I came up with the ill conceived idea of using the NMS Save File Editor to basically nerf every ship and Multi-Tool I found, but that was both a huge pain in the rear and it kinda sucked the fun out of finding new things. So I decided to just go ahead and “mod the game”, because it wouldn’t require any regular fiddling around, allowing me to “just play the game”.

As a result, I did some reading and learned how 99% of the “mods” to NMS are made: by editing existing values in the text files that ship with the game. It’s a bit more involved than that, but honestly that’s an apt description of the process. As a person who has done a “total conversion mod” on SuperTux 0.3.3 to create Rescue Girlies, which required loads of custom C++ and Squirrel programming, it does piss me off when I read bitchy comments from “modders” about how others are “using their mods” to No Man’s Sky when their mod was literally achieved by them opening a file, changing a “false” to “true”, and then saving the file. I’m sorry, but that’s not modding and you’ve got no right to complain about others making the same adjustments. Fucking people, man… Sigh…

Anyway (again), I made a GitHub repository to track the adjustments I make to the game play and to potentially host any real mods I may make for the game down the road. The No Man’s Sky blog page in the Game Mods menu has all the details of the changes I have made and why I made them.

Here, have a screenshot!