Staying with after all!

For all the things I said in this post about GitHub Pages being easy to use and so on, the reality is that what has here is more functional and handy for my purposes. I can add posts and images easily from my Linux or Windows desktops, from my Chromebook, and even from the app on my phone. The same cannot be said about GitHub Pages, which I pretty much have to update using my desktop; It’s a bit of a pain in the rear, so much so that I haven’t posted anything in months.

This said, I am not going to be paying for the “no ads” plan again, because it’s way too expensive for what we low-traffic bloggers get for the money…

Far as what posts are to come, having just spent the past couple months doing some volunteer programming for some old friends on their SWGEmu based server, there are a few nuggets of interest I can share with the general SWGEmu modding crowd, as well as a few other topics I have been mulling over… Did you know that Stardew Valley is a super fun game? I picked it up last Christmas for the kids and ended up playing more than they have lol… I’ve also decided to play No Man’s Sky, because it looks to be a nifty mix of scifi shooty-shooty-pew-pew and treasure-hunty-craft-craft, which are essentially why I liked Star Wars Galaxies so much (and why most of my time in Guild Wars 2 is spent running around collecting stuff…). I’m also pretty proud of the mods I made to my rain barrel last week, finally bringing to life a tangled and cobwebby dream!

As always, I make no promises as to the frequency, regularity, and usefulness of my posts, but at least there will be more than none. 🙂