RocketTux – That Time I Made a Pear Into an Outhouse

Earlier this year I was working on the sprite sheet for RocketTux, adapting artwork from SuperTux and making new pieces of my own – A project that is still in motion! After finally sizing and arranging my spin on the pumpkin, one favourite pieces of background art created by Ingo Ruhnke, I decided that it needed a friend. Yes, it absolutely NEEDED a pear shaped outhouse to keep it company!

Gleefully I went about creating the pear outhouse in GIMP, starting with a picture of a pear we had in our cupboard and working on it until it looked reasonably similar in art style to Ingo’s pumpkin. Many giggles later, here it is in all it’s glory!

My pear outhouse, as seen in RocketTux

And here are a few screenshots of the process. If you’re interested, I have an album of RocketTux development screenshots on Google Drive.