RocketTux: My Development Workflow

RocketTux is a web browser game based on the Phaser JavaScript/HTML5 framework, consequently the overall process of making the game isn’t the subject of detailed online tutorials. To fill in this gap, I decided to make the following video that demonstrates my general workflow when developing the game.

RocketTux is developed using an AMD FX-8320 based x86 64Bit PC running Linux Mint 17.3, using the following software:

Google Chrome (Runtime/”Engine”)
Phaser (Pixi) JavaScript framework
SlickUI framework
GIMP (graphics)
Tiled (level section layouts)
Audacity (effects and sound editing)
Sunvox (music production)
Git/GitHub (version control)
Based on artwork from SuperTux and Glitch.

You can download the source code and read the documentation on Github.