From Cramped Hovel to Computing Command Centre!

We have a small house, an old house, a house in need of many repairs and upgrades. Consequently, it has been difficult to find a space in our home not only for my computer and electronics hobbies, but for where to put our kids and our seemingly endless supply of misc crap.

In the past I have had my desk area upstairs, but due to the design of the house it gets very hot and filled with tar smell from the shingles up there in the summer time, so I’d always move downstairs in the summer months. That was OK, but it meant that I didn’t have much stability and it was a little lonely being up there away from everyone all the time (because it was just me, a toilet, a sink, and what amounts to an attic full of misc crap…). For a couple of years I had my computer at the end of our bed downstairs, but when we decided to switch our bedroom for the girl’s bedroom (which once was the living room), I got back that space where I started way back when we moved here in 2005.

Here are some pictures of my computing setup over the years, ending with what I have today…

Even though I am only using an extra two feet in the room, this new setup feels enormous! Removing the useless wall not only gave me more space, but it made the whole bedroom look bigger. I liked it better without the old Compaq system, because I could look over and talk with Sarah more easily when she was in the bed. However, I have to admit I am far more likely to actually use the Compaq here than when it was in the “underhouse”. Still, something will have to give, because I’m not sure how I will comfortably fit the Commodore 64C in here when I get one later this year… But it needs to be a comfortable space to accommodate my retro BASIC/Assembler programming, so we’ll see… we’ll see!

2018 has been a year of change thus far and I have found it difficult to dedicate the time and mental capacity to achieving hobby related things. As such, I haven’t written, programmed, or created much. However, I have done a few things of note that I intend to cover here in the near future, right here from my Computing Command Centre. 🙂