The Last Jedi Was A Bad Movie

Please watch this video by Gareth Lewis, because we both feel the same way about The Last Jedi, a production that I refuse to call a Star Wars film. I would venture a guess that most Star Wars fans feel similar to Gareth and I, because the heart of the matter really is that this was not a Star Wars movie. Indeed, it wasn’t even a good movie.

I like Star Wars probably more than the average person, but I’ve never been a super Star Wars nerd. I didn’t even watch it for the first time until after high school in 1997. However, I know and I understand the fundamental nature of Star Wars, from its internal mythos to its external cultural phenomenon and its tangible impact on our world, because it’s interesting; There’s a lot to know and love about Star Wars. Clearly, the people who allowed this movie to be created have not even reached my modest level of fandom.

How modest of a fan could a guy who created his own Hondo Ohnaka themed, single player mod for a Star Wars MMO emulator be? Well, I didn’t move to California to work at Lucas Arts. So, there’s that.

Given how much heart George put into his story, his characters, and his universe, for the better part of his life, and how his creations have inspired millions of people around the world, it’s a God damned shame that Star Wars was given to people who clearly don’t get it.

When I watch the Clone Wars and the Rebels cartoons, it’s obvious that Dave Filoni and his team understand and appreciate Star Wars. They operate on the premise that they are both the curators and creators of a cultural artifact that is integral to modern society. In short, they respect the entity that is Star Wars. With this in mind, I don’t understand why Disney would allow Star Wars to be treated with less respect, especially when handling the end of the most important story line in all of Star Wars.

The handling of the characters and story in The Last Jedi is disrespectful of Star Wars. Furthermore, the movie’s boring and predictable “gotchas”, combined with a myriad of stupid tropes, and a flagrant thumbing of the nose towards answering questions presented by the past Star Wars films, makes The Last Jedi a straight up insult to Star Wars fans.

It is such an insulting film that one must conclude that it was intended to be so.

“The past must die. Kill it if you have to.” – R.J.

“Go fuck yourself.” – R. Bassett Jr.

Kathleen Kennedy isn’t new to Star Wars, she isn’t new to the movie industry, and she sure as hell isn’t new Lucas Arts. How did this happen? It doesn’t make any sense. It’s like they bought the Mona Lisa just to smash it on the ground.

Everyone makes mistakes. The Last Jedi was a mistake.

Ps. This post started its life as a comment on Gareth’s video.
Pps. “Just Some Guy” has a very good review of the movie here.