I Don’t Care If You’re ______. I Do Care That You’re Human.

I edited the title to be less sensational. This article is about accepting people for who they are and accepting every person is equal.

“What the fuck is wrong with people?” is the most frequent question I tend to ask myself, right behind, “where did I put my coffee?” and, “did I already put sugar in this?”. When I peer out at the world from beneath my rock, what I see generally fills my heart with tremendous pride and great sorrow, because I am evidently three parts human being and one part empathetic analytical machine; I understand that to be human is to be flawed and to be alive is to have potential, but I also can’t help wondering… what the fuck is wrong with people????!!!

I was born and raised in Canada, having lived in Ontario and British Columbia for various lengths at different stages in my life. In my time, I have met and positively interacted with people from all over the world and from many walks of life. That doesn’t mean that I have gotten along with everyone I have met, nor does it mean that I have liked everyone that I have met. What I am saying is essentially this:

If I don’t like you, it’s because you’re an asshole.

That’s it. No other reason.

Contrary to the myth that all Canadians are polite, I have met a fair amount of assholes in my time. There are, of course, an unimaginable number of reasons one can become elevated to the status of asshole, but suffice to say that all of them involve how one treats others, while none of them involve one’s race, gender, or sexual preference. Indeed, behavior accounts for nine tenths of an asshole, with intent filling in the remainder.

I don’t care if you’re gay, black, German, Catholic, handicapped, a person who “really enjoys kale”, or any other arbitrary feature with which one can be identified.

I do care if you’re an asshole.

I suppose I would probably care if you smelled bad and I had to be near you for an extended period of time, but I probably wouldn’t say anything. That wouldn’t be polite. Well, unless you happened to be a friend, because what kind of friend would that make me if I didn’t save you from yourself? I wouldn’t want to be an asshole.

Diversity is our strength, both genetically and socially, while acceptance, not tolerance nor ignorance, is the engine that dives the success of our species.

The greatest gift we’ve been given is the simple fact that we’re here, living our lives. That this planet exists at all is a miracle second only to the existence of the universe itself; Of all the things that could have happened, this did. But we’re not just gifted with lives, we’re also blessed with having each other for company and companionship. Yes, our differences have been, and continue to be, at the heart of much suffering, but that’s not because there is something wrong with being different. It’s because the world is full of assholes who just can’t help themselves and normal people who just want to live their lives in peace. Unfortunately this dichotomy has generally resulted in the assholes ruining it for everyone, often including themselves.

Interestingly, it’s really easy to not be an asshole. You just have to actually give a damn about your fellow human beings and the planet we live on. (Hey, while we’re on the topic… For all intents and purposes, Earth is the human universe – ain’t nowhere else we can live, so let’s not fuck it up, alright?) Ask yourself, “Am I a person who believes that others are beneath me or that the world is here to serve me?” and if your answer to either question is an affirmative, well congratulations, you’re an asshole. Do you care about the lives and the happiness of others? No? You’re an asshole. Now stop it, because being an asshole is a choice.

Don’t be an asshole.

Do be… whatever the hell else you want to be!