Appreciating OS/2 Warp’s Contribution to My Life

For several years I used my OS/2 Warp Version 3 box to raise my monitor off my desk. The idea being, it would help me not slouch as much while using my computer. It did a good job at reducing pain in my back and my tailbone.

Recently I upgraded my desk to include a shelf for the monitor, removing the need for my OS/2 Warp box. Given that I have had the software since 2005 without ever using it, I figured I would give it a proper send off by installing it on my old Pentium computer! I decided to make a (really terrible) video of the process. Be thankful that I edited the multi-hour ordeal down to just 17 minutes of rambling, keyboard poking goodness.

Spoiler: After a few hours of poking away at it, the installation failed. However, it was fun to give it a whirl.

If you’re curious about what OS/2 Warp was like to use, check out the this video by eznix.

Ps. The production quality of this video is what it is. 🙂