Practice Video: Maintaining the Under-House

I watch a fair amount of YouTube, so I figured… I like talking and I did some performance stuff when I was a kid, so what the heck, I’ll see what goes into making one of those, “talking about something over pictures” type of videos. Well, let me just say that it takes more effort (time, really) than one might imagine. I limited the production time of this video to what I could accomplish in a day, using software that I already know how to operate. Originally I intended to use the video editing features of Blender, but… I just didn’t feel like learning that aspect of Blender at this time (I already have a lot on the go).

Honestly, when it comes to guides and information, I would rather write, so that’s what I am going to do. That said, I did enjoy being silly and perhaps in the future you will see some sporadic content along those lines, because that’s worth doing in video format. I guess videos are the better medium for things such as my Legend of Hondo related videos, where I am walking through how to operate custom software in a 3D environment, so I will do those type of videos as well.

Here it is:

Note: The audio distortion that you here occasionally happened when I was recording the voice over today. It’s some kind of interference either from my sound board or the TV tuner card that I used for PC audio input, as it happened using my old motherboard and OS installations as well. It wasn’t caused by my phone though, as I had it in airplane mode at the time.