Semi-Nerdly: Website Rebranding

After letting my (The Power of Text) domain lapse name and waiting until it hit the open market on November 12, 2017, I went to use it here on and discovered it was still locked into the previous provider. I contacted them and CIRA (Canadian Internet Registration Authority) and both entities stated that domain was available as of Nov 16th. So, I tried again to use via the configuration tools, but it was still unavailable. The Whois information for still listed the previous registrar and I was still listed as the owner. Given that it was supposed to be available, I decided to double-check its availability on a domain provider’s website. Sure enough, the moment I searched on the Godaddy website, Godaddy bought the name and offered to “secure it for me” for the low, low price of $100 + commission. No way in hell will I ever reward a company for asshole tactics like “domain name front running“, so I decided to change the name of my website.

Originally, I registered for use as a homepage within the Star Wars Galaxies in-game web browser. It was a little play on words that I liked, as “an old tea granny”, with the site being text based and all. Later on I kept the name as the theme for my personal website, because I prefer to write rather than create videos, etc. It was a good name, but in some ways I have out grown it and I am most certainly through dealing with issues related to its ownership.

It didn’t take me very long to think of a new name for my site. Clearly being in the throws of a “mid life crisis” and all (quickly approaching the “Big Four Oh”), I have chatted with my wife and kids about life quite a bit this year and one of the major themes is that I have never really been a particular type of person. My associations and endeavours have been akin to my consumption of music: I like songs. Some of the songs I like are 80s and early 90s rap music, while others are classical, jazz, rock, heavy metal… doo-wop… steel drums… heck, I even like the (very) occasional county song. In essence, I like stuff casually and I happen to like a lot of “stuff”. Further, I usually get along well enough with people who specialise in specific things to the point of excess, be they “nerds”, “punks”, “drunks”, “hot sluts”, you know, whatever… So I said to myself, as I plugged in the super old metal desk lamp that I repaired years ago, “I guess I am a normal guy that does nerdly things… I am… semi-nerdly”.

Why the ly rather than just the y (Nerdly as apposed to just Nerdy)?
I dunno, it’s just one of the quirky ways I prefer to say things, especially when goofing around with my kids. I like it. 🙂

So there ya go. Welcome to! A place where you will find interesting stuff and junk.