Norm MacDonald’s New Gig: My Inner Monologue

OK, now I have done it… You know you’ve watched too much of something when…

I discovered Norm when I was a teen in the early 90s. I loved watching stand up comedy (on TV) and I think it really helped me through the bumpy bits of those years. Nothing like a good laugh, right? When it came to Norm, his combination of voice, delivery, and mannerisms, made him both instantly likable and enormously hilarious, in much the same way as Jonny Harris did the first time I saw him perform as well.

Not every comedian jibes with “your kind of funny”, so when you find one that does, they tend to linger in your mind. And so, after watching the first two hours of this YouTube video of Norm’s appearances on The David Letterman Show, I woke up this morning and discovered as I washed a mug for my coffee, looking out the window watching someone walking down the road, that Norm MacDonald was rambling in my mind instead of me. Whoops.

As amusing as it is to joke with my kids about playing with a stick, while they look at me like I have two heads, perhaps my morning coffee will … nope, it just made me poop. Well, it’s not so bad… thinking more slowly and finding humor in the mundane… I can live with it, if need be… 🙂

(Weekend) Update: It would seem that some brainy producer fired Norm from his gig in my mind, returning my inner monologue to its normal, boring self. Ah well, it was humorous while it lasted. Come to think of it, so to speak, replacing one’s inner monologue with a voice of their choosing would be a pretty nifty product if it could be done safely.

And now, a message from the HR Department:

R. Bassett Jr. does not agree with, nor does he endorse all of, Norm MacDonald’s opinions, comments, or allusion. Furthermore, R. Bassett Jr. does not find humor in all of Mr. MacDonald’s performances.

R. Bassett Jr. does not like all types of pizza either.

In all seriousness, whenever possible it is important to support the artists (and their hardworking crews!) by consuming their media through legitimate means. When a performance that is “out of print” and is no longer available to the general public shows up on YouTube, that’s kind of a public service, because it’s part of history that would otherwise be lost. However, when one can subscribe to inexpensive services, such as Netflix, to watch the performance, that’s what one should do!

Support your favorite artists by actually supporting them!