Top 5 Reasons I Pre-Ordered the Path of Fire Expansion

In honour of the fifth anniversary of the game, and with the new Path of Fire expansion being released later this month, and given how it is the only MMO I still play, I decided to make a five part series about Guild Wars 2. This is not sponsored content (nothing on this site is sponsored), it’s just something I made for the sake of doing so.

Thankfully second expansion to Guild Wars 2 looks to be getting back to the heart of what I liked about the game back when I decided to purchase it back in 2012. Here are the top five reasons I was excited enough about it to pre-order it.

1. More open world to explore.
My favourite places in Tyria are the open maps, where you can see and wander for miles. I have often found myself flitting from resource node to resource node, like a giant two legged hobo-bee, across a map just taking in the local character and accomplishing very little beyond enjoying myself. This, above all else, is why I like Guild Wars 2 – it’s a beautiful game and a nifty place to visit.

After watching the promo-videos for Path of Fire, reading about their design goals, and playing a little bit of the demo (too much demo/beta ruins the fun!), I was sold. The maps are huge, they’re full of “things to do”, and it appears that one can play them in a similar manner to the original maps. Having all of that extra world to explore is great, especially because it does not appear to be designed to only please the niche of gamers who enjoy gimmicky raid mechanics (as we saw with many of the Heart of Thorns maps).

2. Mounts!
In HoT we gained access to new movement abilities, with the most obvious and entertaining being the glider. In PoF we’re also getting new movement abilities, but these take the form of mounts rather than a glider and a set of skills. This makes me super happy, because… Mounts are awesome!!

I have asked for mounts in GW2 before out of the sheer joy of being able to use and collect them that I have experienced in Everquest II, World of Warcraft, and even Star Wars Galaxies (vehicles and pet mounts there). Sure, a movement speed boost is helpful too, but we already have many skills to increase our movement speed. Really, it’s all about having more of a connection to the world and thing that live in it; Mounts are like pets and… they’re fun!

It was also interesting that ArenaNet decided to add some new movement abilities to the player by way of using different mounts, in a manner similar to Everquest II’s leaping, gliding, and flying mounts. Hopefully it will be fun to “collect’em all”. đŸ™‚

3. The price was fair.
Heart of Thorns was abusively expensive in Canada. With so much of the content being geared toward the tiny niche of players who enjoy raid mechanics, there was very little content for the average joe. However, even with all of the content, there was no way it was worth $70. As such, I didn’t bother buying it until it was heavily discounted more than a year after it was released.

Thankfully, ArenaNet has corrected this problem with the Path of Fire, releasing it as a USD price of just $30, which translated into roughly $40 CAD. That seemed fair to me.

4. No restrictions on content.
As a long time player of subscription based games, in an era before micro transactions were really “a thing”, I like having access to the whole game. Sure, there chances are high that there will be plenty of the game that I will mever use, but at least I could use it if I wanted to! It’s surprising how much of an infulence that can have over one’s enjoyment of the game (it did bug me that I didn’t have HoT, even though I knew I wouldn’t use most of it). Knowing that the PoF content, as well as the next season of the Living World, is there waiting for me is a tiny, yet salient peace of mind.

5. Shared inventory slot and level 80 boost.
I only recently decided to use the level 80 boost I received with HoT, boosting up my poor Elementalist who took years to reach only level 30. I picked up an extra character slot when they were on sale last month, so I have a character to boost. As for the second shared inventory slot, I am still scratching my head over how to best put it to use. Maybe a common food item or a cheaper salvage kit than the mystic kit that sits in the first shared slot… who knows! In any case, I am stoked about having a fifth level 80 character! (One of my non-80 characters is an Asuran bank alt and the another non-80 is an Asuran Thief that only use for the Super Adventure Box).