Tip: Private Browsing is a Handy Organization Tool

For a time I was using a nifty little Motorola E phone, which was a small, great feeling, inexpensive Android device that I really liked, apart from the fact that it only had 4GB of storage. Yes, 4GB! Even after I rooted it so I could move more app data to the SD card, the darn thing would run out of space just browsing the web (and forget using apps like Pinterest, Facebook, Flipp, etc). That’s when I discovered how handy Private Browsing is for everyday use.

I started using Private Browsing because it automatically deleted the browser cache when I closed the browser, which saved me having to do it manually several times a day. Truly handy that was! However, I also noticed that it was easier to find things in my history, because it was no longer jam packed with 50 pages of Newegg window shopping and so on. Like seriously, I could actually FIND stuff in my normal history when I kept that browsing to specific activities, such as looking up information. 

Later I also noticed that using private browsing also thwarted annoying things like being forced to do a captcha (I HATE capcha…) on some site to prove that I am human, because the site snooped through my cookies and found that I had also been on other retailers sites (looking at you, Newegg…). 

Overall, doing most of my every day browsing in private mode, while saving normal mode for specific sites where I won’t do a lot of page loads or I want to remain logged in, makes for a really tidy web browsing experience. My web history is actually worth me looking at rather it being such a mess that it would be faster to just “google” the same thing again or bookmarking everything like it’s 1999 lol… My devices don’t get as bunged up with bits of web design elements (that on today’s Internet can add up to hundreds of MBs in a day!), which is still handy even though I now use a phone with 32GB of storage. And  most importantly, I don’t have DO anything to maintain the tidiness, something any parent could appreciate! lol…
Firefox and Chrome on the desktop and on mobile both have “no effort” private browsing modes, so if you use either browser I suggest giving the private browsing mode a whirl. You might find it useful, especially if you’re still rocking a device that has very little storage space!