stole my .CA domain name and I may never get it back

When I transferred away from Netfirms (because Netfirms refused to honor the email address that came with my domain name, despite it literally being a line item listed on the receipt…) several years ago, I chose to move it to for essentially two reasons,

1. All the hullabaloo (FUD in computer talk) about privacy, severs in the USA, etc. got me thinking, “gee, maybe I should put my data in some other country”. is based in France. (Honestly, these days I really don’t give a shit anymore…)

2. Yup, I will admit it, I fell for their “No Bullshit” advertising slogan. What a sucker am I!

Unfortunately, I have experienced nothing but “bullshit” from that company ever since.

The most important issue I have had with them is that they stole from me, by locking it into something that they call an “owner handle”, which is essentially a database account that they refuse to give me the password for. That’s right, I, Robert Leonard Bassett Jr., the owner of and CIRA member, manually initiated the transfer of my .ca domain name (several years ago) and immediately lost control of said domain name when it entered’s hands. Wonderful, eh?’s “No Bullshit” tag line is nothing but bullshit, in my experience.

Since that time (YEARS AGO!) I have repeatidly contacted requesting/demanding that they provide me access to the “owner handle” account and each time they have refused. If that’s not theft, then I don’t know what is!

Not wishing to lose the domain name, I have been forced to pay them every year to keep it alive, because of course, they have no problem taking my money! Well, not this year folks and if that means that I lose and my email address then so be it, because I just can’t keep throwing my money at this “Bullshit” company.

Last night I logged into to the “admin contact” account, which allowed me to release the domain name for transfer, and then I hopped onto the GoDaddy website to initiate a domain transfer. Guess what happened. Yup, you guessed it, is still blocking the transfer, because somewhere in their convoluted “Bullshit” system I need to do some damned thing on the “owner handle” to actually release the domain name! And as I have said, they still refuse to give me access to the “owner handle”.

So here’s my advice to the online world, if you wish to avoid headaches and theft of your domain names, don’t do business with


R. Bassett Jr.
Canadian Internet Registration Authority Member

… Now for the super yay fun job of changing the email address on all my online accounts to my personal gmail account… weehee, so much fun! 😐

Ps. I even went so far as to write to my member of federal parliament, the CRTC, and CIRA, requesting assistance in this matter, but I did not receive a reply from any of them in the YEARS since I sent those letters… Actually, I think CIRA replied and basically said, “… *shrug*… Good luck!”, but it’s been so long I really don’t remember and I don’t feel like scouring my Thunderbird backups of my old gmail account to find it…