A New Look and Feel for The Power of Text

Spring isn’t quite here yet, but ain’t no time like the present to update the website theme and shore up the organization of posts and pages! The new theme for The Power of Text (Newsworthy by WPThemes NZ) gets back to the basics while also offering a massive improvement to the mobile version of the site. Here’s a run down of what’s new for 2017:

  • Vastly improved mobile layout and navigation.
  • Simple, clear desktop and tablet menus.
  • Text only interface, akin to the original design of the site.
  • Introduction of the Editorial menu.
  • Category based topics that are organized as into pages and accessed using the menu.
  • The categories are more specific, making it easier to find what you’re looking for.
  • Post archive updated to cover all categories alphabetically.
  • Donation link added to the Welcome/Home page.

Navigating the site should be self explanatory and obvious now. The menu leads to pages, each page is about a topic, and on each of the pages you will find a list of all the posts about that topic.The design is all text based and immediately available – no need to scroll past an enormous picture just to get to the content!

Here, let’s take a stroll down memory lane and look at some pictures of previous incarnations of my site, in reverse chronological order,