Hondo – A Copy of my Development Server Virtual Machine

To make it a little bit easier for folks to play around with Legend of Hondo (particularly the admin tools that are handy for general SWGEmu “world building”), I’ve uploaded a copy of my VirtualBox VM to my MEGA storage. You can find it here,


It’s exactly what I use for developing Legend of Hondo (apart from having an anonymous git configuration) and it’s perfectly fine for use as the “server” portion of the single player game. The documentation is included in the zip file. Further documentation is in the github repo and here on this site.

The 20GB vdi file was compressed using 7zip on ultra compression, bringing the final file size down to 3.3GB.

At this point, it should be noted that if you do happen to get the client and server setup, I don’t recommend actually playing the game yet. Quite simply, I haven’t finished making the fundamental game play systems, nor have I completed the new player experience. So, if you did start playing now, you’d end up in situations like not having any resources to craft with or not being able to craft at all if you didn’t start as an Artisan (because you don’t have a crafting tool and there isn’t anywhere to buy or loot one). Besides, I haven’t made any of the pirate system or story content yet anyway.

I’m busy re-working the layout of the profession system at the moment and once I have finished that, I will be working on the new player experience. That way you could actually play the game without needing to use the admin account to make up for the lack of other players, etc. Time frame for that? Early Feb, 2017?

Personally, I am not playing Legend of Hondo yet, because it’s not really ready even for a “head start”. It doesn’t need to be complete to be playable, but it does at least need all the “gotchas” to be solved. Legend of Hondo Classic on the other hand is playable, because I solved all that stuff first – sometimes I wish didn’t start over again… *sigh* šŸ™‚

Warning: Don’t use Legend of Hondo as the basis for a multi-player server. I have changed some systems that work great in a single player game, but will allow nefarious folks to grief others in a multi-player situation.

Legend of Hondo is a personal, open source, free (as in beer!), development project. When I am finished, the sum of its parts will be a single player pirate adventure, based on SWGEmu and Star Wars Galaxies.

You are welcome to use any code, concepts, and documentation within this repository, however you do so entirely at your own risk, in accordance with the following guidelines:

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