BazaarBot – A System to Automatically Sell Items on the Bazaar in SWGEmu

I’ve been taking a little break from working on Legend of Hondo and other projects to help Kinshi and the good folks from the Tarkin community set up Tarkin 2.0 for their small role playing community. That’s nice of me and all, but truth be told, a lot of the stuff I am working on is either stuff I have used in Hondo or stuff I will use all or part of for Hondo. Anyhow, today I am posting about the BazaarBot!

This is an intentionally “dumb auction bot” that periodically lists items for sale on the Bazaar Terminals in the city of Mos Entha. It can be extended to list items in other regions by providing the ObjectIDs of snapshot-file-loaded Bazaar Terminals located in different regions, but for the purposes of Tarkin that wasn’t desired (And I won’t be using it in LoH either, the functionality is there none the less). When I say that the system is dumb, I mean that it doesn’t query the market and decide what it should post. Rather, the system simply posts what the administrator wants it to post, based on their configuration. Being simple in this way gives the admin excellent control of the system, while simultaneously denying players the opportunity coerce the system into listing items more frequently or in greater quantity than the admin desires.

Here is what it can do:

  1. Create and sell stacks of any currently spawning resource.
  2. Create and sell any piece of loot.
  3. Create and sell crafted items.
  4. Log its listing and sales in a custom log file
  5. Be managed using a normal character, as it’s based around using a real character called BazaarBot.

You can checkout the source code for this feature here and read more about it in the file.

Thrax of the Project Pheonix server informed me that this mod won’t compile using the latest version of SWGEmu. I have to say, I really don’t care. The utter lack of discipline shown by the SWGEmu developers is sad, truly sad. It’s no wonder to me that it has taken them more than a decade to produce what they have, because they are constantly throwing wrenches in their machinery by making unnecessary changes to library versions and other ridiculous stuff that doesn’t NEED to be changed. It’s poor project management, plain and simple, and I can’t be arsed to chase their tail with them. So, if a SWGEmu mod that I have made doesn’t work with a version of SWGEmu newer than September 30th, 2016, then you’re on your own to fix whatever minor annoyance they have changed, because I don’t care, it’s a waste of my time.