Hondo – Meet the Hondo Housing System!

The Hondo Housing System is the result of my testing (over the last few months and at various other times over the years) various methods that allow players to live in NPC cities. There are so many ways to achieve this goal, each with their own positives and negatives. After much consideration, I chose to go the route of using outdoor terminals that allow players to purchase their houses at pre-defined locations, because I felt it would be easier for the players and more rewarding for both the players and the admin/world builders.

The system is comprised of sites, layouts, and terminals. Much like a construction site in the real world, a site in the HHS is a location in the world that is oriented facing an imaginary road. The terminal that controls the site is placed at the imaginary roadside. Sites can use one of a number of layouts and each layout contains one or more plots. Each plot contains one structure that physically fits inside its imaginary boundaries, again similar to a construction site in the real world.

Players use the system by opening the terminal menu, selecting an available plot, selecting their choice of building (from a list of ones the admin has made available for that plot), and purchasing the building. When they want to move out, they simply destroy the structure as they would any other player structure. Very straightforward.

Admins use the system by placing sites in desired locations, using either a layout that I have created or a layout they have tailor made to fit their desires for the site in question. Setup and customization is really easy once you get the hang of the work-flow.

For something a little different for “The Power of Text”, I will now point you to the detailed documentation file on GitHub and present you with the following series of videos I made to describe both the Hondo Housing System and the admin tools that I made. Enjoy!

Update March 2019:
I deleted my YouTube channel and unfortunately I neglected to backup these videos before hand. I could have sworn I had them on my hard drive, but I guess not… Ah well!

Hondo Housing System:

Admin Tools: