CIRA Members Beware – Is Nothing But “Bullshit”

Seriously, I wish I never chose to do business with this company. It’s been nothing but “bullshit” at every turn.

1. They stole my domain name.
Back in 2013 I transfered away from Netfirms to During the transfer, Gandi created some convoluted account bullshit that they call “handles” and proceeded to tie the ownership of MY domain name to a “handle” that I don’t have access to, because they outright refused to give me the password for that “handle”. Not neglected to give me the password, but literally outright refused to give me the password. As such, I can no longer transfer MY domain name to another company, because I won’t be able to log into that “handle” to release it. Of course, I have full access to another handle where I can renew, manage, and purchase additional services for the domain… In Canada we have a words for this kind of thing: theft and extortion.

2. $16/year renewal – in whose dollar???
My credit card was charged $21.62 CAD today for that $16 renewal and damned if I can determine how they came up with that number, because it doesn’t match any exchange rate I can find. Their site says “US $16 HT”, but currently the exchange rate for the (crappy) Canadian dollar comes out to a price less than $21.62. So… yeah, wtf?

3. GoDaddy has way better prices, in CAD even!
Even at the normal price of $14.99CAD/year for a .ca and email, GoDaddy would be cheaper (no conversion to USD), but they have a 33% sale on .ca domain transfers, which is $9.99/year (or up to 8 years of renewal with a total of $40 savings, which is pretty great). Too bad Gandi stole my domain name and I can’t transfer it. Not that I trust GoDaddy as far as I could throw one of their data centers, but still that’s a good deal for a domain name and an arse load of (100!) email address.

4. Other stuff…
From their web pages / email timing out to the convoluted “handle” system of account management to various other “little things”, I am sad to say that I had a better experience with Netfirms (up until they refused to honor the email account that came with the domain name, after I deleted the fully working email to rename it, causing me to move to another registrar…). I can’t be arsed to waste more of my time on this negative crap, honestly I don’t like posting these types of things, but I feel I need to warn other CIRA members about how operates.

Bonus 5. French law is just as bad as US law now.
Part of the reason I went with is that, in the wake of the Snowden revelations, I really didn’t want to do business with US companies any more. They can’t be trusted with our data and Canadians, as far as I am aware, do not have any legal recourse when it comes to ownership of said data. Anything I post here on WordPress essentially belongs to the US government, for instance. But the EU privacy laws are pretty strong and in favor of the inherent rights of the individual, so I chose an EU based company. Now new French laws are just as bad as the ones in the US and it’s pretty hard to feel anything but apathetic about the state of humanity in this regard. I won’t deal with Microsoft or Google as a matter of principle, because I don’t agree with their excessive invasion of privacy (profiling, targeted ads, and ads in general); I chose, in part, as matter of principle. But now? I am just paying more to pay more, I guess. Woo…

Don’t make the same mistake I did. DO NOT transfer your .ca domain to