Tarkin Mod – Removing the Starport Powerplant in Theed

In preparation for some changes that will be happening on Tarkin, I put together a small mod that frees up a huge amount of space for player housing in the city of Theed on Naboo. I also made a little >asset swap mod to improve the looks of the riverways a bit, because in this pre-cu version they used a really nasty texture. I’ve posted these mods to my Legends of Hondo folder in my OneDrive, so anyone running or playing with a SWGEmu based server can use them.

Download Theed Starport Powerplant Removal

Download Theed River Shore Improvement

Tools Used:

1. Fire up your sever. You won’t need to do anything except have it running.

2. Open Sytners Iff Editor (SIE) and extract the naboo.ws file into the snapshot folder of your client (make it if you don’t have it).

3. Open the Jawa Toolbox (JTB), open the Other > WS Editor, open your naboo.ws file.

4. Load your SWGEmu client and locate the item you would like change (delete, move, replace, etc.). If you can target it and you have enabled
advanced examining, you may be able to find the file name and path of the item. If not, just take note of what general kind of item it is and its X,Y location in the world.

5. Head to SIE and root through it until you find the item you are looking for. It’s a handy tool for this, because it shows a picture of what most things look like.

6. Now that you know what your item is called it’s just a matter of finding it in JTB. Unfortunately JTB does not have an sorting or searching features in the WS editor, so you’ll have to slowly sift through the list manually. One tip is, of course, to make sure you are looking in the correct category (which are fortunately broken down by file paths). Another tip is put your cursor on a spot in the word that your brain will pick out easily then scroll passed while looking at the cursor. Works well, as every instance of an item with the name you want will be lined up the same and our brains are great at pattern recognition!

7. Once you finally find the droids you are looking for (I spent a good 40 minutes looking for a tree, just to move it a few feet, so don’t feel bad…), you can delete it or move it by changing the values on the right hand side.
– To move, just open the game and go where you want the item to be, note the X,Y on your radar, and put that into JTB.
– To rotate it is a bit of a pain. You need to open the game, face the character how you want the item to face and type /dumpZone. This will spit out some info. To apply the rotation use the ow:0.334 and oy:0.334 numbers in the Axis section of JTB, making sure to put that pesky minus sign in there if need be! ow = W and oy = Y, in case that detail was not clear.
– Note that JTB does not allow decimal numbers in the X,Z,Y fields, so if you really want that kind of precision you will have to fire up TRE Explorer and the values with it.

8. Once you have made your changes in JTB, save them, choose to overwrite the file.

9. Go back into the game, use the teleport to go to another planet, then again to return to the planet you are working on. This will cause the assets to reload and you will see your changes.

10. Repeat 4 though until your project is complete!

11. When it is all finished, you will need to pack up a new .TRE file and make sure it is loaded by both the client and the server (because the server will check for certain things like POB houses, build zones, and so on).

I know, this is a really slow way to edit things in a 3D world, but at the present time this workflow is the best we have for working on SWGEmu based servers/clients.