Dev: Python + Blender GE is a Great Time!

This is what I wanted from game development! Honestly, as I have said before a few times, I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about where a computer puts its pointers or memory locations, etc. This isn’t the 1960s… computer’s these days can do that sort of… COMPUTING way more efficiently than we human beings, so why waste our time and head-space mucking with those things?

Learning the syntax for Python and the Blender Game Engine API have certainly been time consuming, but that time has also been extremely fruitful and satisfying. In just a few weeks from not knowing anything about either, I have become comfortable with Blender and implemented the following systems into my game:

  • A functional testing map (I had a more detailed one, but I restarted the file)
  • Character movement with the keyboard and mouse.
  • Gliding – jump into the air and fly with full yaw, pitch, roll controls.
  • Turbo – both on the ground and in the air.
  • 4 of Loop’s physical shapes, complete with unique movement stats / purposes.
  • Mech Jump, for the mech shape.
  • The framework for other shape keybindings and stats.
  • And more!

The best part is that at this point, all of those things work properly. All I have to do with the those systems is fix any minor bugs that I find with further testing. At this point I can basically move on from the gliding and driving mechanics to making the turret turning mechanic for the tank and the mech. And that right there is an important note thing to note: I am going to put in a tank with a turret and a two legged “mech” type vehicle, because *I CAN*! I totally would not have done those had I been using STK, as the amount of work to create their movement would have been far too much. Yet with BGE, I look at it as gaining the opportunity to learn how to animate models, because… heck, why not? That kind of stuff is fun!

If you’re looking to kill some time, feel free to download what I’ve completed so far and fly around on the massive empty map. Gliding around sure seems easy when there isn’t anything to slam into… 🙂

Check it out on Github: Loop Dipole and the Chaoties

It runs great with computer, which it really should as it’s an empty map… but still, in case it doesn’t for you, here are my basic specs:

AMD FX-8230 @ 4GHz
AMD R9-270
8GB DDR3 2133MHz RAM
Linux Mint 64Bit
Catalyst Driver 14.501.1003
XFCE Desktop
Blender 2.71

Ps. I would like to extend a giant thank you to the kind folks who created the documentation on,,, and the many kind folks who have posted tutorials on Youtube. Seriously could not do any of this stuff without you amazing people to show me, “oh… THAT’S how that thing actually works!”.