Torchlight II Mod – SuperCombiner


Update 2016.03.08: The download link works again! I had totally forgotten to update when I got rid of Microsoft/OneDrive. The link takes you my tpot folder on MEGA, where you will find the mod in the Torchlight2 folder.

Why I Created SuperCombiner

Given that it had been about a decade since I had last played a dungeon crawler game, it took me a while to get into Torchlight II. The game felt like it was missing something – all this loot and nothing to do with it but sell it to a vendor! Then I finally made it to Act II, where I discovered that TL2 actually had a form of crafting, which was just the sort of “depth” that I was looking for. However, after I looked up the available combinations, I was a little disappointed. It seemed to me that Runic left out some very simple, yet fun combinations that could be used to give more of a purpose for all that random loot. I also felt it was a bummer that we had to wait until Act II to use the system.

And that’s when SuperCombiner was born!

I know that there are a ton of great mods out there already, but to be honest, I am quite satisfied with the default game play options and balance. I just wanted some more “crafting” options. With that in mind, I set these basic ground rules when I made SuperCombiner:

1. Torchlight II is all about getting random loot to build the perfect character. I need to avoid making it [i:13exgcgu]too easy[/i:13exgcgu] to achieve your desired character, as that would suck a lot of the fun out of the game.

2. SuperCombiner will not create items with user specified stats. The logic is simple: Want the perfect loot? Kill more dudes!

3. KISS: Keep it simple, stupid.”

Change Log

– Deleted recipes w_Electric_Eel, w_Fire_Fish, w_Ice_Angel, w_Venom_Fish as those fish are not implemented in the game (and I don’t feel that SuperCombiner is an appropriate way to introduce them).
– Fixed the w_Bog_Perch recipe, as it actually had the wrong ingredients.
– Recipes y_berserker_blue, y_embermage_blue, y_engineer_blue, y_outlander_blue now create only set pieces.

2013.07.06 Mod Version 57
– Changed 2SETS_1RANDOMSET to also require a weapon.
Resovled the conflict with the class specific set piece recipes.

– Fixed missing socketable type and broken weighting in SpawnClass SC_RANDOM_SOCKETABLE.

– Added recipe y_gerdez_bain
Makes something useful out of three quest rewards (requires doing the same end-game quest 3 times).

– Added recipe w_Electric_Eel
– Added recipe w_Fire_Fish
– Added recipe w_Crab_Egg
– Added recipe w_Warsnout
– Added recipe w_Flying_Fish
– Added recipe w_Tunnel_Shark
– Added recipe w_Jackal_Bass
– Added recipe w_Largemouth_Bass
– Added recipe w_Bonefish
– Added recipe w_Bog_Perch
– Added recipe w_Ice_Angel
– Added recipe w_Web_Fish
– Added recipe w_Venom_Fish
Gerdez’s Fish Upgrading: Each of these recipes changes rare items and a big fish into a giant fish of the same type used.
These recipes use: Specific Big Fish + Lucky Die + Lucky Coin + Gold Fish = Specific Giant Fish

– Changed SpawnClass RECIPES_SKULLS_AND_MAGIC_GEMS to only spawn UNIQUE SOCKETABLES, but grant at +5 level bonus to roll when it chooses an item.
– Changed the TL2 default recipe skullsandraregems.
It now accepts 3 Unique Socketable Items and grants a +5 level bonus to the average level of the ingredients used.

– Created new UnitTypes SC_COINS and SC_DICE
– Items that now use SC_COINS UnitType: tl2_goldgem1, tl2_goldgem2, tl2_goldgem3, tl2_goldgem4, tl2_goldgem5, tl2_goldgem6
– Items that now use SC_DICE UnitType: tl2_luckgem1, tl2_luckgem2, tl2_luckgem3, tl2_luckgem4, tl2_luckgem5, tl2_luckgem6
This allows recipes to use coins or dice as there own groups of ingredients.

2013.06.16 Mod Version 55
– Fixed Recipe y_trinkets. Now uses a Health Potion for its modifier.
Resolved the conflict with the random armor creation recipe.

2013.06.14 Mod Version 54
– Removed elder3.dat and required directories
This put the NPC I had been replacing in the Estherian Enclave back to his defaults. Personally, for the game to update him properly on my system I had to load my mod save file without any mods selected, close the game, then load it again with my mod selected.

– Created UnitType SUPER_COMBINER
I had to make a new UnitType to put the types COMBINER and NPC_MALE together, otherwise my human male character would wear female clothes. This also allows players to shift click items into the transmuting slots.

– Created Unit SuperCombinerSnape
– Created SUPERCOMBINERSNAPE.layout and added it to the Estherian Enclave using the “MERGE directory” method.
– Added some decorations to complete the scene.
This is the customized Transmuter in the Estherian Enclave, who is the mascot for this mod!

– Added 49 Recipes to upgrade gems. They all follow the EMBER_[NAME]_UPGRADE[#] file name pattern.
– Recipe SKULLSANDRAREGEMS now only accepts unique gems.
These recipes were created by Neant on the Runic Games Forum for his Gem Merger mod. Thank you, Neant!

– These recpies now use “UnitType: MANAPOTION” as the modifier item: z_randomsocketable
It sucked with the Scroll of Identify. Now you can get gems that are around your level by using the correct potion to seed the average item level.

2013.07.13- Mod Version 33
– Added chance for SpawnClass SC_RANDOM_SOCKETABLE to spawn a unique item and fixed weighting issues.

Did the following to resolve a logic/fairness conflict with item creation:
– These recpies now use “UnitType: SOCKETABLE” as the modifier item: all starting with X_ and X_w_
– These recpies now use “UnitType: BLOOD EMBER” as the modifier item: y_breserker_blue
– These recpies now use “UnitType: CHAOS EMBER” as the modifier item: y_embermage_blue
– These recpies now use “UnitType: IRON EMBER” as the modifier item: y_engineer_blue
– These recpies now use “UnitType: VOID EMBER” as the modifier item: y_outlander_blue
– These recpies now use “UnitType: REJUVPOTION” as the modifier item: y_armor, y_trinket, y_weapon

– These recpies now use “UnitType: Scroll of Identify” as the modifier item: z_randomsocketable
I am purposely limiting the max item level to 75 , because gems can be upgraded; Keeps the end game harder.
(Lvl100 + Lvl100 + Lvl100 + Lvl1 = Lvl301 / 4 = Lvl75.25)

– Added an Easter Egg.

2013.07.12 – Mod Version 29
– Added Recipe y_trinkets
This is the SpawnClass and recipe to grant a random magical ring, necklace, belt, colar, or tag, as these were not covered by the armor recipe. Note that this recipe uses a wand rather than a socketable as the modifier. This was done to resolve the overlap/override issue caused by the y_armor repice’s use of the generic ARMOR Unittype.

– Changed the NPC that Super Combiner Snape replaced, due to a conflict that cause Malo the Enchanter to no longer appear in the Ethserian Enclave.
– Made SC Snape a Human male, gave him some character.
– Added Transmuter icons for SC Snape.

– Fixed some typos, names, icons, etc.

– Added Recipe y_breserker_blue
– Added Recipe y_embermage_blue
– Added Recipe y_engineer_blue
– Added Recipe y_outlander_blue
These allow players to trade any 3 socketed set pieces for a random item that is meant for the chosen class.

– Added Recipe y_kaboom
Just for giggles, this recipe will blow up any three items for a small chance of producing something useful.

2013.07.10 – Mod Version 6
– Added Recipe x_armor to create a random armor piece or shield.
Solved the issue of the random weapon recipe not accepting shields as an ingredient, but creating them as an output item. Also allows people to create a random armor piece, which I had previously left out.

– Added SpawnClass RINGS_MAGIC_SPAWN
Unlike the other wearable types, these SpawnClasses did not exist, so I had to make them in order for the ring/necklace recipes to create a random magical item.

This allowed me to create recipe that is more likely to give a non-magical item than a magical one, but also has a small chance to grant an Iron Member, Void Member, or Blood Member.”