Design – The Ending

I figured it might be helpful to share how I went/go about designing “Loop Dipole and the Chaoties”, so I’ll be posting and updating my design documents here. Feel free to use them as an example of how one can organize or “put their ideas down on paper” when making your games or projects. I originally wrote most of these on my Blackberry during times of convenience and clear mind.

The Ending!

After completing all 30 fountains on the six sides of the cube planet, Loop will unlock a portal to the center of the planet. Here he will find the seventh and final level of the game!

The final level consists of one very challenging fountain in the center, surrounded by four lesser guard fountains (that are optional to complete). Should the player choose to complete a lesser fountain they are rewarded not with extra customizations but with the fact that those balanced fountains will now zap any Chaoties that come near them, effectively protecting the route to the center fountain. Completing all four will totally block all the Chaoties from messing up Loop’s progress on the final fountain.

After completing the final fountain, Loop does a cheer and the camera pans around to show that Loop has become master of all the energy on planet Cube. The camera then zooms out slowly to reveal that there are other nearby cube planets, with energy traveling between them. As the camera zooms out it fades to a zoomed in picture of my head which slowly zooms out to show me doing something happy and, with a quizzical look on my face, I say, “it’s so strange being a being”.

So there’s the secret: planet Cube is a neuron in my brain and good little Loop Dipole is one organized thought in a sea of seething chaos!