Design – Fountain Puzzles

I figured it might be helpful to share how I went/go about designing “Loop Dipole and the Chaoties”, so I’ll be posting and updating my design documents here. Feel free to use them as an example of how one can organize or “put their ideas down on paper” when making your games or projects. I originally wrote most of these on my Blackberry during times of convenience and clear mind.


When the player comes in range of a fountain, the game world is paused and a mini game UI appears. The player is then presented with a repeating pattern of energy shapes/colors, of which he can see one at a time. This pattern will remain the same until the player completes the puzzle or a Chaoties jumps into the fountain and causes the pattern to randomize.

  • Fountains vary in size, ranging from 3 levels of patterns to 12 levels of patterns.
  • Patterns can be made up of 4 to 12 shapes.
  • There is some level of randomness to the pattern level of a fountain, but some will definitely be easy while others will be harder.
  • To interact with the fountain, the player must press a number key between 1 and 8 on his keyboard. Pressing the button will launch the corresponding energy shape from Loop into the fountain.
  • Timing and accuracy are the keys to success – the player’s goal is to press the number key that matches the energy shape/color on the fountain UI.
  • The patterns rate of change will be steady, but each pattern can vary this cadence between 1 and 3 seconds.
  • When the player is successful, that slot in the pattern remains full until the pattern is solved or a Chaoty ruins (or randomly completes) it.
  • Should a player fail to hit a button at the correct time, the energy shape leaves cargo hold and disappears into the fountain, without affecting the pattern.
  • Once a pattern is complete, the energy level of the fountain moves up one notch (level) and a new pattern is started.
  • When the player completes the final level of a fountain, the UI for that fountain is disabled, a new 3D effect is played to indicate that the fountain is balanced, and the player is rewarded with one Customization Point.