My New Project – Loop Dipole and the Chaoties

I am starting a new long term project and I figured now would be a great time to organize myself a little better! So here I am making a post about it and learning how to better use the Git version control system. Lord knows the 53 zip files and 900MB of storage space that comprises my “version management system” for Rescue Girlies just isn’t the best way of doing things… May as well start this project off on the right foot!

Loop Dipole and the Chaotiesis a 3D ground effect flying puzzle game that uses SuperTuxCart 0.8.1 as its “game engine”. Part FPS shooter, part racing game, part puzzle game, is a single player experience designed to be rewarding, persistent, and just plain fun!

Last night I uploaded the SuperTuxCart 0.8.1 project to Github and I’ll be morphing that into my game over time. I really like that the Git revisioning system will show how I added and removed things to make one thing into something totally different… so cool!

I also uploaded the original design document for this game to my Onedrive here. The original working title was “Chaoties to Balance”, but I wasn’t really sold on it. Well… if you look back into time far enough, this game is actually one I started working with the Cafu engine a few years ago, but I put off for various reasons. I have a video preview of the general art style from that time somewhere… found it! Back then I called the project Childhood Dreams, because hey man, what Transformers and Lego loving kid of the 80’s didn’t want to fly around a scifi world in some kind of hover car??? Have a gander here.

I’ll be posting more design documents and about my experiences with this project as time marches on!