Welcome to Semi-Nerdly


This is my website. It’s mostly about topics related to my hobbies, such as content creation on computers (games, music, sound effects, etc) and that sort of thing, but I also enjoy writing itself, so you’ll find posts about a variety of topics. The menu breaks the content down for you, as does the post archive.

My open source software is on Github, while many development resources (image/sound files, etc.) and documentation can found in my Google Drive. Videos related to what I post here can be found directly on YouTube.

My projects for 2018:

I really like Javascript, always have! I just haven’t really had much of a use for it personally for a long time. But as it would happen, WEBGL and HTML5 have come a long way in the past several years, so I decided to crawl out from under my C++/Lua/Python rock and see what was new with good o’l JS. Let me just say, frameworks like PIXI, Phaser (which is based on PIXI), and CraftyJS take all that stuff you can do with HTML5/WEBGL and organize it into a really excellent workflow for creating games! So, as way to learn Phaser (and because I have really wanted to make another side scroller for a long time), I am making a game called RocketTux, specifically to run well on low-end Chromebooks. You can follow the development progress on GitHub. It’s really fun to work on!

General Geekery
I’m designing a self contained electronics and programming “command center” that I think would be a really fun way for kids to learn by playing with that stuff. Sure, you can already fill your desk with everything imaginable, but there is just something fun about retro-style all in one computers! I’ll proabably never be able to actually make it though, because parts are too expensive… Anyway, as always I am puttering with music creation using Sunvox, but I’ve also decided to go back 20 years to 1998 and create some music using Impulse Tracker on my Pentium 233MXX system. As far as playing games, I really don’t play much of anything anymore, which means that I play Guild Wars 2 pretty much exclusively.

Geekery Beyond the Keyboard
Just playing with my kids before they grow up so much they don’t want to play anymore. I can’t believe how big they already are!

– R. Bassett Jr. (AKA Tatwi)

Thank You!

I wish to extend my sincerest gratitude to the following people and groups for their generous patronage and for thoroughly enriching my life, even those cases where they’d never know it.

2018 Patrons
Sarah Hansey and Family

Past Patrons
Sarah Hansey and Family

Open Source and Other Communities
Impulse Tracker (Jeffery Lim)
Linux Mint
Slackware Linux
Sunvox (Alexander Zolotov)

At some point in my old age I realized that I’ve been blessed by the efforts of literally millions of people around the world; Through the division of labor and the pursuit of happiness (or tragically toiling in deplorable working conditions just to survive – a reality that should never be, but more-so never be ignored), I’ve had access to wonders unimaginable. There are so many people I would thank if I could. I think about this every time I eat a banana. Bananas don’t even grow in Canada. Heck, “bananas” aren’t even from a natural plant! How many people did it take to allow me to pick up that banana and eat it?

Despite turmoil and so much grief, it warms my heart that so many people around our world find the strength to rise above and make our world the amazing place it has become.

Thank you.

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