The good old written word is still one of the world’s most powerful tools, capable of empowering the individual, uniting nations, and even sharing a good laugh. Here you find mostly written content about computer games, programming, and topics of general interest. You may also find a YouTube video or two.

My projects for 2017:

Loop Dipole and the Chaoties
Crazy as it sounds after all the work I put into building the road pieces and constructing the road system, I don’t actually find it fun drive around on the roads… My original vision for the game was something similar to a 1980s vector drawn space themed racing game with puzzles, where you just go go go! With the way I built the world in Loop, it’s too easy to flip over and stop, stop, stop… So, there are some design issues there. The other part is Blender Game Engine itself: It is a great tool, but it has some unfortunate limitations and convolutions that make it difficult to build UIs and other important things that took a while to discover. After exploring my options carefully… once more… I decide that to spend my time this year making RocketTux instead! I’m thinking Loop will make a comeback as a side scroller spaceship-like adventure game at some point… 🙂

I really like Javascript, always have! I just haven’t really had much of a use for it personally for a long time. But as it would happen, WEBGL and HTML5 have come a long way in the past several years, so I decided to crawl out from under my C++/Lua/Python rock and see what was new with good o’l JS. Let me just say, frameworks like PIXI, Phaser (which is based on PIXI), and CraftyJS take all that stuff you can do with HTML5/WEBGL and organize it into a really excellent workflow for creating games! So, as way to learn Phaser (and because I have really wanted to make another side scroller for a long time), I am making a game called RocketTux, specifically for Chromebooks. Of course, it will work in the Chrome browser in any OS as well! Until it is finished and released onto the Google store, you can follow the development progress on GitHub. It’s really fun to work on!

General Geekery
I’ve really paired down my non-development activities over the years, such that I don’t really play games or do other things much at all anymore. Time and “give a damn” are limited resources and my use of both has naturally funnelled me into only playing Guild Wars 2 occasionally and farting about with inconsequential computer stuff, such as researching laptop upgrades and mounting a fan over the voltage regulators on my desktop motherboard. I guess I did finally setup a LAN-only web server for our family pictures and videos, making them available to all our wifi devices in a standard web browser interface – yay me! I’m sure I will find other similar things to putter away at.

Geekery Beyond the Keyboard
The kids want to do a real garden again this year (rather than the “Girly Grove”, living sitting area thing we tried last year), so that’s what we’ll do! My ageing back is super excited about turning over a bunch of sod come spring time, let me tell ya!

– R. Bassett Jr. (AKA Tatwi)

You can also find me on: Github, Google Drive, Google+, and Reddit.

If you wish to support The Power of Text, you may do so by making a donation through Paypal or by hiring me to write for your publication.

I wish to extend my thanks to the following people/groups for thoroughly enriching my life, even though they’d never know it.

Impulse Tracker (Jeffery Lim)
Linux Mint
Slackware Linux
Sunvox (Alexander Zolotov)

At some point in my old age I realized that I’ve been blessed by the efforts of literally millions of people around the world; Through the division of labor and the pursuit of happiness (or tragically toiling in deplorable working conditions just to survive – a reality that should never be, but more-so never be ignored), I’ve had access to wonders unimaginable. There are so many people I would thank if I could. I think about this every time I eat a banana. Bananas don’t even grow in Canada. Heck, “bananas” aren’t even from a natural plant! How many people did it take to allow me to pick up that banana and eat it?

Despite turmoil and so much grief, it warms my heart that so many people around our world find the strength to rise above and make our world the amazing place it has become.

Thank you.

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