Welcome to Semi-Nerdly

Semi-Nerdly (www.semi-nerdly.ca) is my personal blog. I enjoy making computer games, game mods, and the associated graphics, sound, music, writing, etc., though I profess to be neither a great programmer nor an artist of any worthy measure. I also putter away at “real world” hobbies, such as “making stuff”, painting with dollar store acrylic paints (I’m not an artist), gardening, puttering with electronics, and… a lot of things I never get to do anymore, like kayaking, camping, rollerblading, live theatre… I have more interests than capacity!

Find me on: GitHub, Google Drive, and GOG.

When it comes to programming, I enjoy the puzzle solving and “bringing an idea to life” aspects rather than the computer science of it all, which is why I would rather program in BASIC, JavaScript, and Lua than C/C++ or assembly language. Being an old fart, I also have a soft spot in my heart for retro computers, such as the Commodore 64 and the IBM PS/2. But as far as programming goes, I would totally rather own a Color Maximite 2 than a Commodore 64, as the CMM2 is a purpose built BASIC computer that runs interpreted BASIC faster than a C64 runs machine language! That said, for the time being I’m happy to play with Microsoft QBasic and poke away at finishing the PhaserJS version of RocketTux.

Over the years I have created and contributed to several open source projects, with the majority of my time being spent working on mods for the Star Wars Galaxies server emulator. However, as of 2020 I have shifted my focus to smaller, less time consuming projects so that I may spend more time with my family than my keyboard. As limited as they were, I am proud of my contributions to the open source community and I will continue to share my creations as best as I can.

My Open Source Projects:
Rescue Girlies (based on SuperTux)
Loop Dipole and the Chaoties
Legend of Hondo (based on SWGEmu/SWG)
Tarkin’s Revenge Creature Database
SWGEmu UI Color Theme Builder

My Open Source Contributions:
Tarkin’s Revenge Server
Tarkin’s Revenge Updater
TarkinII Server
Tarkin Server

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